why use tof?

TOF® facilitates your ideal and takes no commission

We secure your independently owned, private copyrights and collaborations. We remove middlemen

On platform, only qualified clients whom are already in agreement with your tailored terms may chat with you directly. Using global maps as well as free custom pins means you may never need to pay for marketing again

You set all bookings, sessions, invoices, reminders and more. TOF® also securely bypasses requirements for handling deposits with no loss to billing potential


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Here member's pay and get paid directly, in any currency

Member's encrypted, confidential use of distributed ledger technologies generates immutable, personal recall implementation

Travel schedules and work, anywhere in the world, can be set to uniquely timed terms. Member's profile visibility is blocked individually or can be restricted by country

TOF® has no sales algorithms. We do not commercialize member data and all reviews are subjective, limited and direct

The Other Blockchain® also creates instant visual copyright claim registrations with each having their own dedicated, SSL enhanced URL. Personal as well as IPFS encryption protects owner's decentralized, privately tracked hosting + downloads. Individual data or multimedia IP sales can be different to collaboration. This locks in new multiple income streams for all types of producers themselves


In addition to encrypted and coded blockchain entries, TOF®'s Real-World Smart Contract® security token is freely ascribed to registered contracts. RWSC® controls, valuations and conversions come with double-blind anonymity

The RWSC® protects anonymity and sets timed private valuations while utilizing global conversion potential

TOF® is the location-free, self-organizing, encrypted and decentralized member only direct service collaboration utility

Backed by anonymously encoded, immutable accounting and digital security functions, members privately own their contracts + copyrights. Member's privately use these to their real world benefit

No commissions. No ads. No prejudice