what’s the other fruit?

A member only, privacy orientated, neutral utility for the creation and protection of direct collaborations + copyrights

A location free, decentralized, self-organizing collaborative facility. TOF® safeguards member defined and blockchain enhanced real world contracts

Biosphere members own their collaborations + intellectual property. TOF® the direct service's digital booking platform


TOF® security tokens are Real-World Smart Contracts®. These allow private valuations, accounting, immutable completion records and multi-currency conversions

RWSC®'s are freely set with registered contracts. Likewise the RWSC® is confidentially controlled by those in confidential collaboration

Member's can differentiate services from copyright. Artist's work can be sold but commercial use of such can form separately billable contract. In short, copyright sales can be additional to direct collaboration. Content owners and producers have multiple income streams

TOF® removes middlemen. The Other Blockchain® sets their anonymously coded records

Members can purchase permanent, time-stamped blockchain recording of files and multimedia. With IPFS encryption, accordingly this means they hold their claims to ownership. Please click here to view an example of such blockchain result pages. Certifications are for creator's. Not TOF®

Philosophically, The Other Fruit® is choice you have the right to yet define. It is the choice that's not already set on someone else's menu