what’s the tribunal?

The Tribunal is your mediator panel, an anonymously and randomly compiled jury of your peers, available at your request. It exists to help resolve any issues if they come up during private collaboration

Once a member request is filed directly through TOF®, it is internally labelled as a 'dispute'. The Tribunal's primary role is dispute resolution, to investigate and rule on settlements accordingly

-What Is The Tribunal - Direct End To End Engagements - Private Collaboration Network

When filing, confidentially, either collaborator needs to answer a few questions and share their evidence. They state their preferred outcome and then TOF® confirms start of investigation by an international jury panel

Dispute investigations pause contract functions, until the global Tribunal jury ruling has been issued

Rulings are decided with the overarching intent to enact and uphold terms of registered collaboration. The Tribunal processes are in the UA, this group of TOF® members act solely to honor collaborator's private agreements