operates a tattoo and piercing studio, her display name is "inkideals"

Venues can be studios, theaters, private rooms to most any space imaginable. Owners and operators set their prices, requirements and reservation conditions

Before communication starts booking clients agree to terms with their confirmed ability to pay minimums. Confidential discussions auto generate Venue's custom hypermedia contracts, which are then privately owned

Self-defined protections allow for ad-hoc adjustments, additional charges, billed cancellations and any others as may wish to be set. Blockchain ticketing and sales are instantly possible




Venues can differentiate reservations from copyrights

A reservation can be billed as one collaboration, the rights to recordings may be separately invoiced

For example, a venue may be booked to host a performance. The Performance Artist booking this reservation specified that he retains copyright to recordings of their performance. As such should Venue wish to use Performance Artist's work in future advertising then they'd need to reach an agreement to do so. Conversely, if Venue holds copyrights of reservation recordings then Venue may sell or transfer these as they wish

When booking reservations the copyrights may or may not be included. In Venue's custom Biosphere contracts, by default, the booking member owns copyrights

A reservation and the recording of this may represent multiple income streams for either collaborator. These rights can be assigned to Venues or booking members, at their joint discretion

Venues speak with qualified clients interested in their specific location and service. Venue's set billed conditions and policies, knowing exactly what reservations are actually worth

Immutable accounting is provided through The Other Blockchain® with data recall implementation only useful to participants. TOF® can set blockchain ticketing systems and QR codes

Tailored protections, waivers and privately flexible payment terms are all prepared in Venue's editable custom contract templates. Direct invoicing remains in Venue's control

intellectual privacy


Global maps allow open pins of current or future bookings, concepts or shows. Pins are placed for free, positioned in front of chosen audiences and include multimedia

Venues may block individual members or restrict visibility from entire countries. Reviews are for one completed reservation. TOF® sets digital security functions with real world protections. There are no membership fees. Private contract processing is paid for by the booking client

There are no charges for Venues to use Biosphere, book reservations and directly get paid in full TOF® Data | For Experimental Purposes Only

TOF® takes no commission

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