The Other Blockchain® quick-response codes and [instant visual result page] variations are being updated


Recently we've had questions about the ongoing improvements to The Other Blockchain® quick-response codes as well as for QR's on individual result pages. Previously only TOF® provided such codes, following private data or content copyright registrations

However, upon request, we have added an open download function which is now available on all result pages. Those accessing their visual blockchain results pages need only click the small colored QR logo, on bottom right, in the data portion


Directly beneath the IPFS icon, clicking this colored QR logo opens a separate window which then permits download of its URL specific quick-response code


When clicked, the pop-out download window looks like this



To show their source, downloadable result page QR codes are purposefully differentiated from those issued by TOF®

Downloadable, result page specific QR codes purely contain the URL data of its single, associated web address. This form of quick-response code makes no other information available. The result being that each visual blockchain result page now has it's own secondary QR code

Those who wish to use a different graphic to connect or hyperlink from other sources to their own result pages can now access this form of quick-response code, directly from their blockchain pages. Members are also free to post these QR codes to their personal websites, posts or pages

In true TOF® style, the design of these QR codes will be constantly updated over the coming months. Limited edition, artist's QR series are also being released shortly

Private QR codes and copyright certificates are unchanged, remaining available only to pertinent members


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