Fractal Inventions - A Blotter Art Dedication for Contracts

In homage to blotter art, RWSC® fractals reflect the process of invention itself


There are two variations of the RWSC®. The first is a publicly anonymized, group security token. Smart contracts for these are sent out across varied networks twice a day, at randomized intervals

The second type of RWSC® is also a privately owned, individual security token yet, technically, its a one-off crypto-corroborate. This second iteration is not only unique and wholly owned by collaborative participants, it depicts a single portion of bespoke artwork that no other RWSC® has or will ever show again


In our humble homage to Alex Grey and blotter art tradition, the latest RWSC® artworks are divided into 50 or 100 portions, a segment is ascribed to one, guaranteed Biosphere collaboration. This kaleidoscopic fractal composition style reflects a deeper ethos of collaboration, it captures the concept of invention

Meaning, when quantifying the source of invention we touch on interconnected foundational webs of influence. The process of patenting and patent law, like a set collaboration, is one which isolates the result from supporting structures which first allowed it to take shape. For a deeper review we turn to Alan Durham's Fractal Geometry of Invention published in the Boston Law Review [218] TOF® Data | For Experimental Purposes Only

Fractal-Inventions---A-Blotter-Art-Dedication-For-Privately-Owned-Real-World-Smart-Contracts"Few inventions are singular entities, unconnected to broader networks of technological advancement. Most inventions are variations on what has come before and have the potential to generate further variations or refinements

Whether it is the work of an individual researcher or the community of all researchers, invention is a complex web of questions and answers. Each insight may suggest a host of new paths to follow in the search for technological solutions to the needs of mankind

One might visualize invention as an ever-expanding island, each advancement pushing out a new headland, itself the root of newer promontories, each generation mirroring the last, ad infinitum" [218]

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