The Other Fruit - Conceptual Video Submission One - Instead Of Hiring A Celebrity We Built You A Better Platform - HD Short Still

As a private global network we're kicking off the first of many independent multimedia compositions, with anti-celebrity sentiment


Members from around the world are working on their graphic interpretation or positioning of the TOF® platform ethos. We thank each and every one for their time and talent. It's amazing to see each composition, ranging from the tongue-in-cheek comical across to the downright awesomely abstract

The first series has been compiled with assistance from a virtual reality and game designer expert based in Asia Pacific. Should you feel inspired to submit your own, please don't hesitate to contact JZ at TOF®'s concierge


i. Each composition is protected on The Other Blockchain®. To download your very own copy please simply go to the video's dedicated results page here


An Artists Video - The Other Fruit Biosphere - MultiMedia And Content Protected In The Other Blockchain


ii. Please click below to copy the IPFS code. Once this has been entered in The Other Blockchain® you can retrieve the decentralized content at your convenience


An Artists Video - Download Media And Content Directly Through The Other Blockchain And IPFS


thank you again and please, never forget, you're plucking awesome


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