the rwsc®

The name Real-World Smart Contract® says exactly what it does. 'Real-World' refers to enacted collaborative engagement or exchange as conducted between two or more people

'Smart Contract' refers to implemented distributed ledger technologies used during execution as well as, through digital processes, reinforcing traditional forms of contractual agreements with associated practical implementations. The RWSC® is a confidential, hypermedia enforced and enhanced variation of smart contracts. Ownership control of the RWSC® is also anonymously processed

Technically speaking it is a unique double-blind, crypto-corroborate security token which permits decentralized, anonymized yet tangible accounting of private collaborative engagement and exchange with flexible valuation ascribed to ownership control portions which result in conversion achievement through any mutually agreed form of payment exchange

Philosophically the RWSC® constitutes an inversion to the mainstream use of money. It is an unparalleled global digital coordination of private exchange