the rwsc®

It's a digital security, utility token

Created by TOF® it's used for double-blind accounting of registered contracts. The Real-World Smart Contract® does exactly what it says

'Real-World' refers to actual collaborations as between two or more people. A legally binding, formalized agreement not enacted digitally. 'Smart Contract' is a distributed ledger function to securely automate types of digital executions

Privately member owned and controlled, for their practical implementation, TOF® anonymously reinforces traditional contractual agreements 


The RWSC® is a form of confidential hypermedia with anonymous valuation and timed variations executed in unique smart-contracts on distributed ledger technologies. Ownership and controls of an RWSC® are also anonymous

More technically it's a unique double-blind, crypto-corroborate security utility token which permits decentralized, anonymized tangible accounting of private collaborative engagement and exchange with flexible private valuation ascribed to portioned ownership controls

Through TOF® its use results in potential multi-currency, international conversion achievement using any mutually agreed form of payment exchange

The RWSC® constitutes an inversion to the mainstream use of money. It's an unparalleled private exchange in global, digital coordination