We facilitate and safeguard your ability to make choice personal. With whom you speak and what transpires off the Biosphere is entirely your business. It is not ours. The Other Fruit (TOF) is here to secure your freedom.

There is no objective definition of perfect, yet there may be perfect for you. We do not judge. We do not wish to track why your choices were made. Our mission is to continually offer practical anonymity for members yet we must monitor some metrics in order to ensure a safe, secure and optimally functioning Biosphere.

Below we introduce the three main Biosphere documents including the User Agreement, Privacy Policy as well as the definitions of the terms implemented throughout. Full documents will be released in-tandem with the platform launch over the coming few months.



TOF employees, agents and representatives operate under the strictest privacy agreements. You may also request that a TOF representative assist you in some manner and for this they would require access to pertinent data. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect or process information required for maintenance of your Biosphere.


Ownership of your collaborative engagement is decentralized and may face no form of censorship. We protect privacy, anonymize activity and never share transfer details. To the fullest levels permissible by law we [TOF] at all times emphatically refuse to comply with information requests from immigration, tax or similar government departments. Adherence to law does not include TOF sharing privately defined, working locations or member controlled collaborative details.


‘ACCEPTANCE’ | Acceptance indicates one person’s official confirmation that an agreement, set of requirements, roles, responsibilities and or similar stipulations possibly unknown to The Other Fruit have been satisfactorily fulfilled and therefore they themselves become subject to and liable for associated costs, transactions and or fund transfers as may be owed for private exchange....


Making Choïce Personal