Tattoo Artists

Tattoo Artist's privately entered terms are now ensured. These may include any changes to commissions, charges for appointment cancellations, no-shows as well as any conditions desired to be billed. Every prospective client already has secured their full ability to pay collaboration minimums before communication begins. Furthermore communication only starts after the Tattoo Artist's terms are agreed to. Effortlessly facilitated now Tattoo Artists directly book their sessions, have their artwork commissioned or sell merchandise and items.
The Other Fruit Biosphere was established to operate without the need for any additional marketing. There are no social media tie-ins or requirement to pin work to multiple locations. There are no paid promotions or advertisements throughout.
Tattoo Artists only speak with qualified fans who are interested in their particular styles. Shortly TOF will remove the burden of emails. We are here to stop Tattoo Artist's time being wasted on promotions, client sourcing, education and customer vetting.
Having each session guaranteed before stepping out the door, Tattoo Artists plan trips anywhere in the world. Tattoo Artists can further openly pin a project, collaboration or concept and find their perfect clients. This and multiple variations including visuals may be placed for free, globally.
Tattoo Artists set their billed terms anywhere from zero to 100%. Each knows exactly how much they will be paid no matter what. Binding, robust hypermedia documentation may automatically be generated throughout private member discussions. At the touch of a button and only with member's personal discretion all media content, tailored session waivers, engagement protections and of course interaction guarantees are all easily formalized. This binding agreement documentation is anonymously secured via blockchain and only remains visible to collaborators.
With over ten industry firsts TOF also introduces the automated session timer. This optional feature links with Tattoo Artist's direct client invoicing and may be implemented so as to preclude any potential misunderstandings around times and cost.
Reviews are one-to-one and only in relation to the completed collaboration. Nothing more. No member 'rates' a person or studio past sharing their subjective feedback from their limited interaction.
Tattoo Artists may block individual member profiles or become invisible to entire countries. Each can work under their chosen name or pseudonym. Tattoo Artist's direct client invoicing is flexible and financially guaranteed up to set engagement limits. The payments are protected using the Real-World Smart Contract®. Clients have the option to choose to settle at the venue or up to 48 hours later. We have also introduced the streamlined 'tip artist' function.
Direct Tattoo Artist payments are possible using any preferred currency. TOF is an anonymized, blockchain secured digital registration service with eclectic logistical facilitation. We are here to protect the creation and safeguarding of autonomous, independent collaborative engagements. All proceeds from any Tattoo Artists' work, sessions, agreements, sales or collaborations go directly to the Artist him or herself.
Only billed to the purchaser, all TOF services are initiated for a nominal one time engagement registration fee.  There are no charges for Tattoo Artists utilizing the full platform, booking clients and getting paid directly in any manner so desired.

TOF takes no commission