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specializes in watercolor and her display name is "SAMX"

Tattoo Artists include those specializing in all forms of tattoo art from traditional, like tebori, to modern compositions. Creators set their prices, protections and [session] requirements

Clients ability to honor terms and pay collaboration minimums is confirmed before communication starts. Tattoo Artist's hypermedia contract documentation can be automatically generated through private, direct discussion. Agreements are privately owned

Self-defined and automatically safeguarded protections allow for registered adjustments, additional charges, billed cancellations, special arrangements or any similar conditions that artists may wish to set. Item and copyright sales are instantly possible



Collaborations can differentiate a Tattoo Artist's a) artwork as a session, service or physical deliverable from b) copyright ownership. Applying or creating tattoo/art can all be billed as one discrete collaboration. To commercially use tattoo/artwork or even recordings of the tattoo application session may be held as individually billable

The physical, creative tattoo/artwork piece or session can be different to intellectual property ownership. A piece can be sold as a file or canvas or application service. Sale of a physical deliverable may or may not include transfer and assignment of copyrights to the tattoo art/work or associated session content

For example, rights to use a Tattoo Artist's portfolio photographs or session recordings [content] in advertising, on commercial merchandise or in a video production can be sold separately to the physical artwork or tattoo application. Or in selling tattoo/art as a physical service [application session], the intellectual property rights to use appointment recordings may or may not be included

The act of creating or applying tattoos or tattoo/artwork and the transfer and assignment of copyrights may represent multiple distinct income streams. As determined by the producing and owning Tattoo Artist, their work and the copyright assignments thereto may be bundled together or sold separately

Tattoo Artists need only confirm their ideal engagements, venues and speak with qualified clients. Knowing exactly how much agreements are worth regardless of what transpires, artists determine their profits and conditions

Tailored protections, in-person legal waivers, regionally specific guarantees and privately flexible payment terms have all been prepared as editable custom templates. Anonymized, decentralized and immutable private accounting is provided through The Other Blockchain®

Blockchained data recall implementation is available to actual participants. Possibly chosen as guaranteed up to contract limits, direct invoicing remains under the Tattoo Artist's control

intellectual privacy


Global maps allow open pinning of active services or future concepts. Pins are placed for free, positioned in front of chosen audiences and can include multimedia content. Tattoo Artists set work before stepping out the door, planning trips anywhere in the world. Artists may block individual profiles or restrict their visibility from entire countries. Reviews are purely in relation to a single, completed collaboration

TOF® enables anonymized, blockchain enhanced, digital functions and real world protections. Privately safeguarding engagements and exchange. There are no membership fees. Personal blockchain copyright ownership registrations are owned with a one-time, upfront processing charge. Collaboration contracts are paid for by the commissioning client

All proceeds from Tattoo Artists engagements go directly to that artist him or herself. There are no charges for Tattoo Artists to use Biosphere, book sessions, arrange collaborations and directly get paid in full

TOF® takes no commission