owns a store specializing in art materials, his display name is ""

Suppliers & Providers offer equipment and services

From producers of specialist materials all the way across to varied supporting services which cater to professionals, like photographers

Each set their conditions and prices with open engagement functions + hypermedia contracts


Terms can be auto set in private discussion. Contract registration secures innominate coded entries across distributed ledgers, allowing for privately held accounting. Member's self-defined engagements and sales are safeguarded

Contract protections include billed cancellations, additional charges, costs for alterations and much more. Any subsequent reviews are purely in relation to a single completed collaboration

Suppliers & Providers speak with qualified clients. Each knows what their contracts are worth, regardless of what transpires

Global maps allow open + for sale pins to promoting services, inventory or even future concepts. Pins are placed for free, positioned in front of chosen audiences and include multimedia. Members may individually block others or restrict their own visibility from entire countries

intellectual privacy


Direct invoicing remains under member's control and is possibly chosen to be guaranteed. TOF® facilitates and enables enhanced, digital functions with real world protections

There are no membership fees. Contract registration is paid for in full by the purchasing client. There's no charge for Suppliers & Providers to sell, collaborate and directly get paid in full

TOF® takes no commission