Biosphere members pay and get paid directly

If an issue arises during collaboration, typically during very highly limited situations, the Tribunal can be requested to assist. This Tribunal investigation and ruling assistance sometimes concludes with the Tribunal issuing a settlement ruling

Settlement ruling is a contract security measure. So as to ensure members in collaboration are protected, even following a material contract breach, TOF®'s security functions can be processed as member's have earlier set. Member's registered contracts themselves stipulate all confidential contract total and settlement valuations


Settlements And Direct Payments - Fiat Or Crypto Currency - Location Free-

Essentially, a settlement ruling is to have a registered contract's outstanding payment value then settled on one of the collaborating participant's behalf, in order to thereby close the obligations of such contract

Processing settlements may only follow Tribunal investigation and ruling. Settlement processing is a TOF® facilitated collaboration contract protection which is only initiated in specific instances after explicitly ordered by members during their conclusion of evidenced issue resolution in active collaboration