The RWSC® is now live with Version X1 on the Ethereum network


Real-World Smart Contracts® are the first form of digital security token, DSO, that cannot be wholly owned, controlled or valued by any one person. The value of [888,888,888] tokens to individuals is never static nor publicly accessible. There is no initial coin offering

In development for over a year, this bespoke methodology is made available to select artists, creators and members this December [2018]

The RWSC® is a supporting segment of the Biosphere. It may be initiated by members, independent to collaboration. Backed using anonymized blockchain security, making choice personal is what we do

Real-World Smart Contract® ownership is privately grouped. TOF®'s double blind accounting is fully anonymized. Transfers employ randomized wallet addresses never linking a member's personal information, even through distributed ledger network access

The timestamped, immutable asset transfers allow liquid valuations. Fiat or cryptocurrency, through TOF® amounts may be assigned or withdrawn at will.  Compliant with all financial regulations, we are excited to announce the RWSC®

Commonly used forms of payment and value exchange are held as publicly accessible and likewise defined


These include say the US Dollar, Yuan, Euro, Yen and so on. Yet this need not be reality following introduction of decentralized currency. TOF® believes the greatest advantage of decentralized technologies, represented by the internet itself, is ability for chosen and assured inter-connectivity

Biosphere permits seamlessly managed, location free, autonomously defined and binding engagements. Whereas The Other Blockchain® enables anonymized use of distributed ledgers as well as IPFS encrypted multimedia copyright ownership registration. As with the ability for member's to privately decide conduct, their payments here are equally privately protected. The RWSC® refuses both centralized and public valuations

Each may further transfer RWSC® control to another member. This allows for practically unlimited physical locations and participants across the globe to choose function as independent valuation and conversion points. Members with RWSC® control can either privately settle directly with TOF® or any member, venue, artist or business in the community network

Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements as a series of exciting developments are in process. We thank each of you for being you and not acting like anyone else. You're plucking awesome

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