private chats

Biosphere discussions between members are personally encrypted. Or when appropriate, directly with TOF® 

The Other Blockchain® creates anonymized entries which are made available for private recall. Decentralized records are encoded. Data and content are doubly encrypted. Members hold their keys

Only dispute ruling starts possible reviews of communications and, this only follows participant's filing for investigation with TOF®. Terms are here

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TOF® does not implement artificial intelligence algorithms nor sales pushing protocols. Such algorithms impersonally control the information that members receive, we don't like that

Many sites already control your search results, news feeds and what is viewed next. Despite the "good will" social media, online market places or search engines may openly profess, TOF® believes that all users can be strongly influenced by hidden algorithms

In order to make choice personal, choice cannot be scrutinized, regurgitated and repurposed to push ongoing sales. TOF® instead tries to offer private, tangible autonomy

The Biosphere does not analyze your communications and cannot make 'recommendations' for what you 'should' buy or do next. To us, that is a good thing