personal info

We create practical anonymity

Biosphere members have robust, end to end encryption. TOF® does not know the personal keys. We cannot review, track nor sell such data. Only in order to process member's purchases of TOF® services, as have been directly ordered, is highly specific and limited personal info then required. Here's the privacy policy


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Firstly, there is some info exchanged with TOF® which is again in order to confidentially facilitate Biosphere service purchase. This data type allows members to set encrypted registrations of contracts and say multimedia copyrights

TOF® registrations are under the owning member's name. We send receipts to private email accounts and simply require a form of linked payment method to process all this. Such receipt destination and payment source information as may be handled is also encrypted and kept strictly confidential

This type of information is further separated from the actual member owned [encrypted] contracts or registrations. TOF® may have no insight or knowledge as to the content of member owned contracts and registrations until such a time that the owning member's may choose to disclose this

Biosphere member's user agreement, privacy policy and definitions offer more detailed descriptions




Entries in The Other Blockchain® and across TOF®'s distributed ledger networks are double-blind encoded and publicly anonymous. They become relevant for the controlling members

Biosphere uploads or exchanges are a second type of info, these are end to end encrypted and generated at member's discretion

Members are in control and responsible for their decisions. Anonymity and privacy is attempted to be maintained in every respect and throughout each facet of interaction to all practicably achievable extents. TOF® is however not responsible for member's disclosures nor responsible for their chosen conduct