personal info

TOF® does not sell member data. We endeavor to create genuine anonymity. Some personal information is occasionally required to be handled. There are a few types

The personally identifiable information specified as such and exchanged with TOF® is only used to confidentially facilitate Biosphere activity and TOF® related digital security services. This data is used in registration of privately structured collaborations and copyright ownership

Processing registration includes knowing a member's real name and having a payment method registered to their secured account. As anonymized on The Other Blockchain® as well as confidentially across other distributed ledger networks only relevant members are provided with their encoded references

The conduct or activities as uploaded or exchanged on Biosphere is another type of personal information. This is generated at member's consent and discretion. Members may block individual profiles or become invisible to entire countries. If a profile is blocked, the restricted profile will not be able to see open postings and all forms of associated activity notification. Member privacy is attempted to be maintained in every respect, throughout each facet of interaction and to all practicably achievable extents. TOF® is not and cannot be responsible for member's other data disclosures or conduct

In short, we require some limited personal information to facilitate Biosphere utilization. The Privacy Policy, definitions and User Agreement offer detailed descriptions. We attempt to anonymize distributed ledger accounting, enabling participant only recall implementation. Ultimately though, members are in control and responsible for their decisions and disclosures