It's always good to be prepared

Biosphere members set and define their engagements. Each is responsible for their chosen terms and conditions. Each collaborator is personally responsible for their conduct within self-selected, privately set parameters. Equal. Fair.

During engagement, if a provider has misrepresented or failed to deliver as contractually specified then, their client does not pay

Likewise, if a client violates their contract during collaboration, the cancellation policies, causes damage to a location or the like, he or she then becomes liable to settle any arising costs

Such settlement protections are always set to the contract limits. Biosphere activity and exchanges are end to end encrypted as well as anonymously encoded in The Other Blockchain®. Further, the associated RWSC® sets automatic protections as well as time specific, private valuations


Issues - Being Prepared When They Arise - Direct Collaboration Network


How TOF® actively protects member collaborations, with practical examples, are outlined in the privacy policy, user agreement & expanded throughout definitions

Member guides, use cases, real-world hypermedia contract templates as well as how these vary according to membership are further outlined here:

Artists & Creators

Body Modification Artists


Performance Artists

Suppliers & Providers

Tattoo Artists

Venues and Businesses

Feel free to write to us if you have any questions. We always reply to each communication, as fast as humanly possible