how is this different?

booking sites

Booking sites are typically centralized with clearly defined sales. This is not the case during independently defined, location free collaboration. Here members are the owners, TOF® takes no commission. We protect freely defined collaborations, as you wish



Pay-per-gig sites often handle transactions on behalf of providers, usually cutting into earnings. We instead give provider's and client's control. TOF® collaborations and copyrights are owned by members



Immediate selection and delivery often means sizable commissions taken from sellers with the same things sold again and again. TOF® facilitates independent collaboration. The Other Blockchain® secures and Biosphere sets unlimited, uncensored, uninhibited choice. Member's privately define their engagements with each, like themselves and their offerings, unique



Currency converters. Exchanges transition one medium of payment into another. Here member's pay and get paid directly. In their chosen currency Biosphere sets independent payment, where member's transfer to each other directly. RWSC®s are like security tokens for this


auction sites

Generating competing bids for a fixed item's sale. TOF® does not stipulate what members may or may not define, sell or achieve. Collaboration results may only be known to the participant's themselves