Decentralized Biosphere Introduction | The Other Fruit | RWSC |

What's The Other Fruit?

Firstly, that’s primarily for you to define.

As a digital service we are the world’s first location free, decentralized, self-organizing Biosphere financially guaranteeing member-defined collaborative engagements.

Members privately create autonomous, localized collaborations while our RWSC® introduces blockchain security to every exchange, imbursement and form of registration.

We separately introduce the possibility of copyright registration. Piggybacking the RWSC® methodology, for the first time any member may purchase blockchain verification of their declared unique content with associated intellectual property rights assigned accordingly. We further permit dual income streams for creators.



By You

Members determine what they say, who they collaborate with and how they pay or get paid


+ Why A Biosphere?

Because you control your own ecosystem. TOF facilitates a digital space permitting unlimited location-free collaboration, permitting your connections and actions as you may independently and privately choose. Your inter-ecosystem collaborations are formed and facilitated within the Biosphere.

+ Decentralized?

There is no center of collaborations and the ledgers are never controlled by any single individual, business or company. Purchases, interactions and ownership are entered into multiple blockchains where they remain anonymized yet permanently verifiable only to participants. Exchange, creation and transfer is defined by you, anywhere in the world.

Financial security and other guarantees are provided by us, at your request.

+ RWSC®?

Blockchains are decentralized ledgers that offer incredible advancements for digital transaction recording. Members have access to these yet also create real world collaborative engagements pertaining to non-digital activities. We combine the two so you have the best of both worlds in the palm of your hand. This is done without compromising privacy and entirely supplementary to all existing methodologies.

+ How Is It Structured?

Through entirely novel blockchain implementation RWSC® ownership is irrefutable. No government control inherently exists and it is possible for no IP limitations. Legal collaborations between members may face zero restrictions for definition and no form of censorship. Internationally, members have the choice to receive fiat or cryptocurrency payments.

Making Choïce Personal