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how is this different?

booking sites

Offer centralized services with sales clearly defined prior to purchase. During independent collaborative engagements or exchange this is often not the case. The Other Fruit further does not take any commissions and The Other Blockchain facilitates autonomous, private blockchain security

pay-per gig

These sites are centralized, typically handling transactions on behalf of providers which includes significantly cutting into percentages from their payments. We place autonomous collaborative engagement and exchange financial stipulations in Biosphere member's control. This includes their unhindered, blockchain enforced private rights to receive all proceeds and profits from their work and intellectual property. The Other Fruit ensures that collaborations are owned by members directly

e-commerce stores

Here once again these are typically centralized, have clearly defined items for immediate selection and often take sizable commissions from sellers. The Other Fruit facilitates and The Other Blockchain secures unlimited, uncensored, uninhibited collaborative engagement and exchange in whatever shape or form Biosphere members privately choose


Exchanges transition one medium of payment into or for another. Essentially this is a currency converter. The Other Fruit doesn't handle member's payments. TOF offer digital services and enables access to decentralized ledger technologies with various security functions permitting self-organizing, member defined reallocation of trust during collaboration. The Other Fruit promotes independent settlement, i.e. where member's pay each other directly in their chosen currency. We decentralize trust itself, not just a select number of mainstream currencies. The flexibility of payment and payout channels happens to be a natural extension of decentralized capacities yet does not define the range of TOF services

auction sites

Auctions sites are centralized services focused around competing bids of fixed sale items or possibly various offerings. The Other Fruit does not stipulate what any collaborative participants may or may not achieve. Not only are Biosphere communications private between members, the result of engagements and exchange may be only known to the participant's themselves. Through The Other Blockchain collaborative engagements and exchange allow confidential blockchain security made available for recall implementation only to and by participants

we do different