You are responsible for what you choose to do

TOF® is a neutral facilitator and guarantor. These digital security services are provided "as is"

TOF® created The Other Blockchain®, a type of distributed ledger technology that permits encrypted and immutable recording of data with the results of which that can also be made publicly anonymous

--Disclaimer - You Are Responsible For Your Actions - Direct Collaborations - Private Global Network

Copyright ownership registrations of data and multimedia are possible through The Other Blockchain®. These systems can have personal, end-to-end encryption in addition to encoded blockchain and distributed storage. These are further secured through various methods of decentralized exchange, engagement, content hosting as well as file recall

Separately, during direct real-world engagement, the RWSC® generates a user-set and flexible private valuation followed by double-blind encrypted accounting records

Unique combinations of bespoke distributed ledger technologies and decentralized applications are encoded and synched for members alongside other forms of [block] transfer methods. This means that the RWSC® further boasts confidential ownership and options for zero-knowledge-proof [ZKP] payouts realized using international, currency neutral conversion

TOF® sets members' encrypted, complete, direct collaboration toolkit. The Biosphere confidentially offers purchase of digital security, registrations and other functional services. TOF® privately facilitates and protects as you [the members] specify. TOF® does not control your conduct