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Here we clarify semantics. To locate a definition there are quick find tabs between segments or an index on the left hand side. Definitions carry the same meanings and apply throughout Biosphere, Terms and Privacy Policy-TOF® Data | For Experimental Purposes Only




Agreement with a proposed course of action or outcome

Acceptance is rather self-explanatory. It is a situation, set of terms, definition of conditions or of a result which can be agreed to or not. In other words, acceptance indicates one's formal confirmation to any requirements, roles, responsibilities and the like. As pertain to collaborations, acceptance declares terms and conditions as being satisfactorily defined or fulfilled

The buyer in an accepted collaboration is therefore subject to and liable for associated costs as may be owed for such private engagement. Acceptance extends to purchaser's confirmed [and thereby accepted] receipt of goods, service, physical items and any type of sale or paid engagement as may be described within registered documentation

For example, the purchaser accepts terms and conditions of their collaboration contract before engagement commences. Once registered, this contract has begun. The purchaser's acceptance of associated terms, conditions, responsibilities, risks, duties, roles, obligations, costs and the like is understood as being active

Registered participants may subsequently confirm individual acceptance to conduct, roles, responsibilities, changes of descriptions or the like. Following registered collaborative engagement, purchaser [a Purchasing Member], may confirm acceptance of total charges alongside specified payment methodologies, and so on



Un-managed and requiring TOF®'s direct functional involvement

Abandoned classification may extend to actions or decisions taken by TOF® as involve, but are not limited to:

i) financial transfers awaiting feedback or direction; or

ii) decisions requiring registered participant’s input; or

iii) pending reviews or responses or any outstanding set of Biosphere specific tasks which have been left unattended to by the responsible member for a period of 28 days [672 hours] or longer

Abandoned may also be applied to TOF® services, actions or tasks should a member have either deleted or de-activated their Biosphere profile before completing set requirements of registered contract, pending financial functions, orders, is holding outstanding transfers amounts yet to be executed or the like



Public and private digital facets of one registered member

Accounts appear in TOF®’s mobile applications, web-application, websites as well as throughout associated services

For example, an account may include listings in Biosphere search results, on the global map as a pin and in associated open pins

Account may also be used to by TOF® to reference personally identifiable details such as an email address. Such private information may only be visible to TOF® yet still form part of the 'account' data



Biosphere member that has confirmed their identity and payment method

Activated members are able to purchase TOF® services

A member is classified as activated after its profile operator successfully submits copies of and subsequently secures written approval from TOF® of their personal identification's documentation recording  (which may for example include scans or photos of say currently held and up to date government issued passport or a driver licenses), as well as banking information registration with TOF® to thereby enable the movement or deduction of fiat or digital currencies (which may for example include personal credit card details, bank accounts and routing numbers and or connection with PayPal or comparable monetary and or payment processing merchants)

Choices of personal identification and banking information registered in Biosphere are independently conducted at member's discretion. Member's further assume full responsibility to meet any transfer or processing fee amounts as owed or that may be linked with their Biosphere activity, processing merchants or financial service providers and the like

Only activated members can make purchases, communicate with other members regarding collaboration as well as utilize TOF® services



Interactions in Biosphere or with TOF® services

Activity is shorthand for documented actions relating to Biosphere utilization. Activity pertains to all methods of interface including, but not limited to:

i) communications such as text messaging;

ii) media content;

iii) discussions;

iv) submitted feedback;

v) notification settings;

vi) posted reviews;

vii) open collaboration postings;

viii) descriptions;

ix) private chats;

x) uploading or tagging of media;

xi) linking with social media accounts;

xii) use or movement of blockchain-based currency in digital wallets;

xiii) starred multimedia content;

xiv) listings of 'followers';

xv) entering or adjustment of Biosphere account profile settings;

xvi) answering of profile questions;

xvii) collaborative engagement or exchange creation, participation, collaboration discussions and the like

TOF® does not monitor all forms of member activity, whether relating in part or whole to Biosphere use or TOF® services 


additional charges

Costs of agreed activities added to registered contract

Additional charges are fees or billable amounts which can be invoiced by one registered participant and thereby set as owed by the other. Additional charges may include, but are not limited to:

i) change fees or penalties;

ii) billed design revisions;

iii) invoiced special requests;

iv) fees against damages or incidentals;

v) subsequent purchase of items or products;

vi) others which constitute a cost to one registered participant who, as previously mutually agreed to as well as explicitly quantified in registered contract, then presents to purchaser as owed [Purchasing Member], or colloquially known as [client], in order to gain payment

TOF® does not monitor execution of registered contract completion, including lack thereof. TOF® may implement financial functions to specified amounts or values only as exactly quantified in registered contract



Binding form of mutual understanding

An agreement may be towards a collaborative engagement or similarly defined formalized structure of mutual intent or understanding which, in part or whole, contributes to the creation of a set common understanding or stipulation which can by reference in contract define the actions, conduct, roles, liabilities and responsibilities between two or more parties

An agreement may be held as present whether a collaborative engagement or exchange is or has yet to be registered with TOF®. Additionally, a form of agreement may be held as present outside of or in the absence of registered documentation

Quite simply, whenever participants concur on the defining of their roles, responsibilities, course of action or the like then an agreement could be held as actively present

Although agreements are typically set in written exchanges, the definitions of agreements may incorporate visual and multimedia content such as photos, videos and the like. Any format or type of such content may in turn form portions of legally binding, contractual documentation



Commissioned to be present at a set time and location

Appearances can be billed engagements or services. The value of an appearance, as set in contract, is constituted by one's physical attendance

Unless otherwise explicitly detailed, successful completion of a booked appearance may not require any additional actions, activities or conduct

For example, registered contract may stipulate that a publicly recognizable personality [celebrity], be present at a certain place and time. Unless other responsibilities were stipulated in registered contract such person’s physical attendance could be held as the single requirement for classification of successful completion



Producer or provider in collaborations

Utilizing the Biosphere as a member an Artist can be the person whom has categorized him or herself as the creating, providing or producer of materials, treatments, items or services or the like which are made available for sale, discussion or commission

Artist members are believed to have the right to sell their work, performances, activities, complete specific procedures or services in their own unique manner as say in the execution of trained or inherent artistic capabilities, skill sets or comparable talents

Artist may also apply to a TOF® member whom authorizes transfer of ownership or sale of works, composition or comparable crafted productions as defined between collaborative participants

Possessing this right of sale presupposes but does not limit additional capability in transferring intellectual property rights or copyright ownership, as and when applicable

Artist is categorically differentiated from a business or re-sellers of products and materials. Although an artist may sell items or other physical goods, in such they are not purely acting only as a re-seller. Artist's fundamentally may be deemed to have some direct creative or aesthetic control as to the appearance of certain items, products or materials as presented for sale

An artist may be thought of as the member who has an almost monopolistic control over their product, service, offering or therein ascribes the value provided during collaborative sale, purchase or commissioning



Identifiable, tangible deliverable as produced, created or crafted

Art/Work references the discreetly identifiable results as specified in collaborative commissions, services and engagement documentation. It can, in contract, also be referred to as "Work" or "Body/Art" or "Content"

Art/Work is that which has been functionally specified as commissioned or set for ownership transfer by one to a second collaborative participant. Art/work can be that which a party produces, provides, creates, applies, completes, concocts, constructs, compiles or likewise delivers in return for or due to consideration of the other party's transfer to them of set costs, fees, charges, payments, remuneration or the like. In other words, ownership of what is bought or paid for

Art/work may refer to but is not limited by:

i) physical artistic items such as a print, sculpture, carving or painting;

ii) a tattoo or body modification as appearing after applied or completed;

iii) the recording or similar documentation of a performance, show, event or appearance;

iv) photographs, videos or similar documentation of a participant in collaboration, say a Model;

v) existing copyrighted content such as media, videos, photographs, drawings or sketches produced and the like

Art/Work may be thought of as fundamentally referencing an identifiable product, service or deliverable separate to commercial products or potentially mass-produced items


associated documentation

Data relating to collaborative engagement or exchange

Associated documentation includes but is not limited to registered collaborative engagement or exchange documentation, contracts, copyright registrations, written exchanges, visual references, recordings and the like



When one is physically present at a set time and location

Attendance is held, conducted or set for a specified time and location. Attendance may pertain to a series of timed appointments or to one member’s digital presence, say for a telephone call or similar appointment

For example, if registered contract specifies joint attendance scheduled for 1pm on the 1st of March 2021 at the Royal Albert Hall in London then it's contractually required that registered participants may only be 'in attendance' provided that both are indeed physically present at this specific location [Royal Albert Hall, London], at the time specified [1pm on the 1st of March, 2021]



TOF®’s bespoke digital services, applications and platforms

Biosphere includes The Other Blockchain® [TheOtherFruit.io], and various custom distributed ledger technologies. Such applications include but are not limited to the execution of immutable, time specific smart contracts

Biosphere constitutes a member only, digital supra-national space wherein facilitation and security services are tailored to permit member’s autonomous and independent defining of hypermedia collaborative engagement or exchange contractual documentation, immutable decentralized and anonymously coded accounting alongside various financial functions. Biosphere is neither a common carrier nor public utility



Visibility restriction, to be 'invisible' or hidden from set members

Blocking, to block or be blocked describes the optional action taken by members where the initiator of blocking action subsequently restricts their visibility from others

For one person to be blocked means that this member, as on Biosphere or throughout TOF® services, is not seen nor able to interact with or view the profile of the one who executed such a block

Blocking can be applied individually or to entire countries, specified by geographical boundaries. The resulting blocking effects as calculated may be in relation to a Biosphere member’s set profile location and may change or be removed entirely, in tandem with said member's chosen future locations



Secure digital ledger operating on a distributed network of computers

A blockchain runs on distributed ledger technologies [DLT]. A blockchain is a decentralized, cryptography enhanced form of digital ledger into which data may be chronologically and securely recorded

Use may constitute a decentralized accounting of constantly growing [practically immutable] data ‘blocks’. So as to securely store, record and provide TOF® services, The Other Blockchain® anonymizes ledger data as well as use.  TOF® thereby enables blockchain ledger data recall implementation by and for registered participants

TOF® has structured its services so that collaborative engagements, conduct, exchanges and details as well as such data's disclosure to third parties is conducted at relevant members personal discretion

TOF® holds that this functionality or implementation of bespoke distributed ledger technology networks permits optimal, personally beneficial utilization of decentralized technologies without degradation of privacy


blockchain-based currency

Digital assets that exists by virtue of ownership records

Blockchain-based currencies, transfers and movements are recorded through use of decentralized [distributed ledger technologies], and or similar peer-to-peer networks

Transfers and movements of blockchain-based currencies cannot be easily modified, withdrawn, cancelled nor amended. All such blockchain-based currency transactions are conducted under the processor's sole responsibility, whether initiated through use of a private digital wallet or any form of blockchain-based currency storage method, medium or technology

TOF® does not control nor advise members as to preferable miner-fees [transaction costs for blockchain-based currency transfers], the desirability or stability of any blockchain-based currency nor blockchain-based currency movements

Due to common encryption and anonymity for blockchain-based currency wallets, including alternate storage methods, at all times TOF® has no insight nor control of any such wallet’s balances and use, even whether such is attempted to be classified as within or associated to TOF® services


body modification

Alterations to the human body as performed by professional technicians

These can include treatments, procedures or services like piercings, sub-dermal implants, scarification, splitting and others as are performed in the manner and methods independently commissioned in registered contract


body modification artist

Biosphere member category

In TOF® a Body Modification Artist member is a Biosphere profile classification, operated by a single individual. This typically references a professional, but not limited to, those performing piercing, body alterations, scarification or suspension services and the like



Dissolve or otherwise terminate contract requirements

A cancel request can be generated by either participant in registered contract. Such cancel request is an attempt to remove themselves from the terms, conditions or responsibilities which were previously entered into during registration of Biosphere contractual documentation

For any number of rationales or reasons the request to cancel may be presented to TOF®, from or between registered participants



Registered contract is no longer active or scheduled for processing

Cancelled is a status label which is applied to registered collaborative engagement or exchange documentation [contracts], and possibly to TOF® services, when such formally dissolved relationships have been agreed to be revoked or removed by relevant parties

Reasons and rationales as to why such contract or similarly formalized agreements can be cancelled include, but are not limited to:

i) requests by participants that precede completion activity;

ii) Biosphere member's profile account deletion;

iii) inactivity as relates to registered collaborative engagement or exchange;

iv) non-performance or non-communication held as required or a prerequisite of registered successful completion

As confirmed by participants, registered collaborative engagements or exchanges may be classified as cancelled within the appropriate, specified time frames following dual member certification



Member or user group classifications

Different categories represent distinct Biosphere membership types. Every unique member category has its own customized hypermedia contractual documentation, varied access to functional protections and use of presets, tailored search results, specifically associated keywords including meta-data, certain kinds of map pins as well as other similarly differentiated features that have been customized in accordance to a specific associated area of expertise

For example, hypermedia collaborative engagement documentation templates as available to a Venue category member reference [location reservations] and contain numerous bespoke functional stipulations for such bookings

These are notably different when in comparison to say prepared contractual documentation terms for the Performance Artist category member as the latter may be discussing, searching for and creating significantly different functional forms of collaborative engagements, i.e. performances

Biosphere member categories are broadly segmented into:

Members [clients], including a corporate sub-category, are those Biosphere users whom are believed to primarily be acting as purchasers. These members buy products, services and pay for booked commissions

Artist [creators], is applied to the producing parties and to those providing a service. Artist's can be performing or, more broadly speaking, these are Biosphere users whom actively possess control of their particular offerings and services across any form, method or in any variety of capacities

Providers (services) are those believed to possibly offer a service, location for use, equipment for sale and the like yet may also participate in collaborative engagements and exchange in such a manner that is more akin to a pre-defined service offering as opposed to a direct or artistic commission. This is evidenced by collaborative participants engaged with a provider Biosphere member may often and reasonably expect to be able to find a comparable "alternate provider" as a potential substitute



Recorded end to registered collaborative relationship

Closure classification typically follows participant member's confirmation. Closure or being closed signifies that TOF® shall register pertinent documentation, including roles and requirements stipulated therein like transfers and payments or charges of any sort, as having been successfully conducted

No further action by TOF® nor registered participants is held as pending, scheduled or likewise required following closure classification


code of conduct

Set guidelines defining appropriate, acceptable behavior

These are the principles and roles of collaborative engagement or exchange as enacted between participants. Codes of conduct can apply both to collaborative participant’s digital as well as real world [offline] interactions or activities

A code of conduct may be extrapolated from or reasonably considered to exist by referencing detailed contracts, user generated communications, exchanges or otherwise recorded combinations of such collaborative documentation



To achieve any chosen shared outcome or goal

In other words, collaboration is the enactment of recorded interactions within functional boundaries, defined through dynamic exchange, so as to describe, determine, control or regulate any type of sale, transaction or agreement during a commission, transaction or comparable purchase that physically or digitally eventuates between such defining members

As to terms and conditions of collaborations, collaborative engagements and all forms of collaborative exchange these set participant’s tangible completion of actions, activities, responsibilities, requirements and the like

Member's collaborations may be partially defined as two or more person’s in cooperative interaction towards fulfilling jointly defined artistic services, treatments, physical items or product delivery roles or responsibilities as may have been independently agreed to



Actions taken during or for contract

Collaborating is an action term indicating the dynamic exchange as transpiring between two or more members. Contracts shall describe, define, determine, control or otherwise regulate conduct so as to first set and then achieve any type of sale, transaction, agreement, goal or shared purpose

Collaborating can be in reference to interactions, discussions or completion. Collaborating may be any action or exchange, such as communication, reasonably held as being for or contributing to resulting registration of contractual documentation including such purchase and use of TOF® services or Biosphere functions


collaborative participants

Members in registered contract, working together

Collaborative participants as a term specifies the two or more people whom are actively, mutually and autonomously engaged in the defining, formulating or execution of jointly agreed contract. Collaborative participants are typically divided into:

i) a purchaser; and

ii) a seller, creator or provider

Collaborative participants typically consist of one recipient and one provider with the terms and functional requirements from the recipient as well as conditions or stipulations of the provider which may potentially still remain to be either defined or completed, in any physically tangible sense

Both types of collaborative participants are engaged in exchange for a specific, defined purpose which can be to realize their shared goal or an as yet to be achieved outcome

Collaborative participant as a title is applied by TOF® to those undertaking preliminary exchange or communication around a shared concept and across to those who have successfully concluded registered contract

At all times members are necessarily acting on their own volition and individually, personally responsible for their real world activities including all results of their actions, however defined or executed



People using or associated with TOF® services

Those considered part of the TOF® community may be collaborative participants, artists, suppliers, providers, activated members, TOF® employees and the like



Fulfillment of set conditions, roles, duties or activities held as required in order to successfully achieve collaboration's purpose

Completion requirements, roles, duties, responsibilities, conduct and the like are specified within registered contract

Achieving completion may be thought of as formal confirmation that such established terms, conditions or responsibilities as independently set between participants have subsequently been successfully fulfilled to participant's mutual satisfaction

TOF® comprehensively holds actions for, towards or pertaining to completion as independently defined and enacted by participants

In good faith, completion activity is, by TOF®, always presumed to be conducted only in the manners held as reasonable, proportionate, appropriate and beyond reproach when seen by any third party or objective review

Completion as a term may be for any productive action as performed which is held as contributing to the execution of jointly defined goals, outcomes, situations, commissions, functions or purchases as set in registered contract, such as in the phrasing ‘working towards completion’

Violations of Terms, registered contract or any comparable and unrelated, unproductive or destructive action that does in part or whole restrict achievement of set goals or results is excluded from 'completion' categorization

As measured through exchange of funds or monies, ‘the completion of collaboration’ can also mean successful, independent execution of payment between collaborative participants

Completion or execution of registered contract and its real world enactment including results and outcomes, or lack thereof, may only be independently reported to TOF® by participants in registered contract

TOF® may have no other methods or means to verify the authenticity of such reports, relying entirely on the information, data and details participants provide


completion date

Time that collaboration is set to be concluded or performed

Completion or closure dates trigger TOF® digital security functions for registered contract. Completion dates are set by participants and recorded in registered contract, e.g. 3pm GMT on October 28th, 2020

In respect to collaborative activities the completion date indicates the time by which participant's mutual and respective responsibilities and terms of collaboration are held as delivered, performed, concluded, received or otherwise finished



Biosphere profile associations

Connections may be a review, summary or link between member profiles. Connections are created following interaction on The Other Fruit®’s mobile applications, web-applications or websites

For example, a connection or ‘being connected’ may indicate two Biosphere members who previously engaged in collaboration or communicated in some manner or capacity. Or following collaboration participants are invited to enter a star rating indicating subjective feedback. This star rating may then be displayed as a type of connection visible in a profile's map

Visible connections in Biosphere do not reveal collaborative exchange details, discussions between members, previous communications or the like. Connections are not a TOF® endorsement or ranking, by any definition



Written, binding and legally enforceable document

Contracts are written forms of documentation held to encompass such terms, conditions, roles, responsibilities, financial and digital security functions or requirements of collaboration that are binding and participants in collaboration. Contracts are created by those who wish to record such mutual intent and engagement so as to define their future actions and for their reference

TOF® contract template documentation is made available to Biosphere members for their independent use. Once templates have been purchased and registered via TOF® services therein collaborative participant’s self-generated terms, conditions, roles and requirements alongside timed digital security functions become legally binding with TOF® authorized, on either participant's behalf, to process specified functions as ordered


contract creation charge

TOF®'s direct processing service fee

The contract creation charge is billed once to the purchaser, referred to as the Purchasing Member. It is a one-time fee paid after Biosphere contract template documentation has been modified to the mutual satisfaction of its associated and activated members whom, acting as registered participants in collaborative engagement or exchange, furthermore wish to formally register such to thereby hold each other responsible and legally bound to the terms, conditions and financial functions as detailed therein



Communications and multimedia

Content includes writing, messages, images, audio or video recordings as either initiated for upload or actually hosted or exchanged in Biosphere. For example, content may refer but is not limited to:

i) text | .TXT | .DOC | .PDF

ii) images | .JPG | .GIF | .PNG

iii) design files | .AI | .IND | .PSD

iv) audio | .MP3 | .FLAC

v) videos | .MP4 | .AVI

These and any multimedia formats, links or imports from external hosts such as Dropbox, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or the like can be content



TOF® processing fee for a total ordered value

Conversion of fiat currencies into a blockchain-based currency may require TOF®'s processing of member transfer and settlement orders. Preceding execution, the receiving member may need to settle associated conversion charges, costs, fees or the like directly with TOF®

Prior to conversion, costs for transitioning amounts between currencies and associated transaction charges are set for member's confirmation

Conversion purchases and transactions as may now or in future be facilitated by TOF®  typically pertain to digital currencies, otherwise known as cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based currencies, which constitute a discrete, billed service for which processing and transfer fees may be owed



A legal right that grants the creator of an original work or content exclusive rights to determine or decide whether, and under what conditions, this original work or content may be used by others

Copyrights may also be connoted with intellectual property rights, titles or assignments. Protected under Hong Kong Law as well as numerous international conventions and treaties, TOF® permits a range of unique content copyright protection service functions

Copyright, Ordinance (Cap. 528 Consolidation), 27/06/1997 (1999), No. 92 (No. 95)

“artistic work” covers member categories including body art 
(a) a graphic work, photograph, sculpture or collage, irrespective of artistic quality; (b) a work of architecture being a building or a model for a building; or (c) a work of artistic craftsmanship; “building” includes any fixed structure, and a part of a building or fixed structure;  “graphic work” includes (a) any painting, drawing, diagram, map, chart or plan; and (b) any engraving, etching, lithograph, woodcut or similar work; “photograph” means a recording of light or other radiation on any medium on which an image is produced or from which an image may by any means be produced, and which is not part of a film; “sculpture” includes a cast or model made for purposes of sculpture. [cf. 1988 c. 48 s. 4 U.K.]
“commissioned works” registered contract can transfer rights
(1) Where a work is made on the commission of a person and there is an agreement between the author and the commissioner of the work which expressly provides for the entitlement to the copyright, copyright in the commissioned work belongs to the person who is entitled to the copyright under the agreement
“infringement by making available of copies to the public” TOF® is a member only, private, digital security platform
(1) the making available of copies of the work to the public is an act restricted by copyright in every description of copyright work. HK Copyright, Ordinance (Cap. 528 Consolidation), 27/06/1997 (1999), No. 92 (No. 95) Page 14 / 166 WIPO Database of Intellectual Property Hong Kong Legislative Texts (2) References in this Part to the making available of copies of a work to the public are to the making available of copies of the work, by wire or wireless means, in such a way that members of the public in Hong Kong or elsewhere may access the work from a place and at a time individually chosen by them (such as the making available of copies of works through the service commonly known as the INTERNET). (3) References in this Part to the making available of copies of a work to the public include the making available of the original. (4) The mere provision of physical facilities for enabling the making available of copies of works to the public does not of itself constitute an act of making available of copies of works to the public
“advertisement of sale of artistic work” TOF® is able to promote member content for and on behalf of members
(1) It is not an infringement of copyright in an artistic work to copy it, or to issue or make available copies to the public, for the purpose of advertising the sale of the work. (2) Where a copy which would otherwise be an infringing copy is made in accordance with this section but is subsequently dealt with, the copy is treated as an infringing copy for the purposes of that dealing if that dealing infringes copyright for all subsequent purposes. For this purpose “dealt with” means sold or let for hire, offered or exposed for sale or hire, exhibited in public or distributed. [cf. 1988 c. 48 s. 63 U.K.]
“requirement that right be asserted” time stamped registration proof through privately secured member profile carrying immutable, coded blockchain authentication as from TOF® thereby generates sufficiently robust documentary evidence. TOF® further may act as a copyright checking facility and medium for privately held verification + display of ownership 
(1) A person does not infringe the right conferred by section 89 (right to be identified as author or director) by doing any of the acts mentioned in that section unless the right has been asserted in accordance with the following provisions so as to bind him in relation to that act. (2) The right may be asserted generally, or in relation to any specified act or description of acts— (a) on an assignment of copyright in the work, by including in the instrument effecting the assignment a statement that the author or director asserts in relation to that work his right to be identified; or (b) by instrument in writing signed by the author or director. (3) The right may also be asserted in relation to the public exhibition of an artistic work— (a) by securing that when the author or other first owner of copyright parts with possession of the original, or of a copy made by him or under his direction or control, the author is identified on the original or copy, or on a frame, mount or other thing to which it is attached; or (b) by including in a licence by which the author or other first owner of copyright authorizes the making of copies of the work a written statement signed by or on behalf of the person granting the licence that the author asserts his right to be identified in the event of the public exhibition of a copy made in pursuance of the license
“copyright vesting in international organizations” TOF® indicates, assigns, transfers or otherwise registers individual's ownership. For owners. Controlled by owners
(1) Where an original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work— (a) is made by an officer or employee of, or is published by, any international organization; and (b) does not qualify for copyright protection under section 178(qualification by reference to author), copyright nevertheless subsists in the work by virtue of this section and the organization is the first owner of that copyright. (2) Copyright of which an international organization is first owner by virtue of this section continues to subsist until the end of the period of 50 years from the end of the calendar year in which the work was made or such longer period as may be specified by the Chief Executive by regulation under subsection (4). (Amended 22 of 1999 s. 3) (3) An international organization is deemed to have, and to have had at all material times, the legal capacities of a body corporate for the purpose of holding, dealing with and enforcing copyright, and in connection with all legal proceedings relating to copyright

copyright registration

Creation of registrations and immutable data in blockchain as proof of claim to copyright ownership of specified content

A coded and publicly anonymous process which implements distributed ledger technologies, IPFS encryption and TOF® documentation as made available to the purchaser

The copyright registration charge is a one-time processing fee paid to TOF® after an order form with content attached, intended for entry in blockchain and registration, has been completed to the satisfaction of the purchaser who furthermore wishes for such content and descriptions to be immutably set in distributed ledgers

The copyright registration process results in its purchaser independently holding time-stamped 'block' creation and associated verification with independent responsibility for use. The purchaser has personal responsibility for any visual, thumbnail representation of registered content as placed on its dedicated web address which is a specific URL or results page on TheOtherFruit.io, any hyperlink address preferred for recording and for the use or dissemination of associated IPFS keys


copyright ownership

Copyrights can be automatically extended onto uploaded content

A member may upload photographs, recordings and various formats of multimedia or data files, including descriptions thereof, of what is as a prerequisite held by TOF® to be their art, work, creation, composition or the like

Such uploaded or exchanged content, declared as owner-controlled, is believed by TOF® to be solely under the uploading member’s full, personal control thus allowing their use or disposal of such as he or she deems fit



Member category for businesses operating a Biosphere profile

Corporate members can include limited corporations, multinational or the like whom may wish to engage in collaborative engagements, exchange and various registered agreements or commissions

Corporate members may have a display name under their brand. For example Apple, Samsung, Louis Vuitton or Chanel. Yet when engaging TOF® services or becoming a participant in registered contract each acts as identifiable, single individual, say the Purchasing Member



Monetary amount set for transfer or application

Credit is also possibly referred to as control ownership portions or percentages of RWSC®, it sets a specific figure due either for transfer or processing by TOF® to a receiver


display name 

Self-selected profile title

Display names are independently chosen. These set one visible platform-identifier in what may be a name or identifier other than its controlling member's birth or legal name

Display names can be a fictitious moniker, nickname or alias



Written requests for resolution assistance

Disputes are recorded by participants actively engaged in registered contract. Disputes are received, collated, investigated and ruled on by TOF®'s Tribunal department

Disputes may be filed in such cases where either collaborative participant independently believes that he or she is unable to resolve a disagreement, misunderstanding, conflict, that collaboration has reached a practical impasse or faced with similarly complicating and restrictive circumstances

Disputes are filed to seek third party ruling. The process is a form of impartial, binding adjudication, arbitration or mediation

Dispute related data or performance information is controlled by collaborative participant’s and reflected in their recording, documentation and submission of accurate evidence during Tribunal investigation

As detailed within registered contract, the participant's completion related activities, roles, requirements and responsibilities are enacted directly, outside of TOF®'s view, control and influence


double confirmation

Member ordered process subsequently re-confirmed by TOF®

TOF® registrations and those of double confirmation may include coded entry in blockchain, such as in The Other Blockchain® and other TOF® controlled DLT networks

Double confirmation may become a publicly recorded, time-stamped, immutable transaction in such ledger entries across distributed ledger technologies which thereby allows future decentralized recall and implementation


dual member

Participants respectively confirm independent agreement

Dual member certification records a joint, mutual agreement received from participants and in relation to terms, conditions or details of collaborative engagement, exchange, completion requirements, timing, various intricacies or stipulations and the like pertaining to a registered contract

Dual member certification extends into most any collaboration decisions and activities. It is held to indicate that collaborating parties willfully declare and acknowledge both share the same intentions as to the manner, method, form or mode of proceeding described, outlined, specified or otherwise indicated within relevant documentation

Dual member confirmation may extend to on-Biosphere confirmation, where say an agreement or TOF® order is finalized thereby authorizing fund transfers, digital security functions, registrations or the like. Dual member certification may be required when, but not limited to, such actions as:

i) when a contract has been purchased for registration;

ii) physical items, goods or materials being sent or delivered are then to be inspected or otherwise recorded as successfully received;

iii) when finishing [completion of] a service, procedure or offering [say for example a timed tattoo application session];

iv) where and when changes, charges, updated amounts or costs are modified in registered contract;

v) acceptance in proceeding with a proposed action that influences registered contract [such as Dispute rulings initiated and enacted in cases of forced resolution];

vi) rescheduling of timings or agreed completion dates as well as in similar events or situations



Period of inactivity, no communication for two weeks [336 hours] or longer

Following expiry classification the associated responsibilities and functions of registered contract, TOF® orders and purchases may be closed or processed at TOF®’s reasonable discretion



Transferable values, in any currency

Funds reference monetary amounts contractually specified as owed and which can be processed at specific, contracted times. Funds owed can be due to certain events transpiring, as relating to registered contract or TOF® services and purchases

For example, when payment is executed between participants in registered contract wherein one individual directly processes an exchange of monies [funds] to another


for sale

Preset offering set for display in digital posts

For example, an equipment Supplier can post a 'for sale' pin outlining their offer whereby the Purchasing Member would receive a discount when buying two specific items together

When an interested party clicks to purchase a 'for sale' offering, they are taken to confirmation portions in collaborative engagement or exchange documentation so as to execute expedited formalization upon mutual and independent agreement with such associated terms, pricing and the like



Restriction where a controller becomes unable to conduct activity

Inactive may be applied to a member account by TOF® for a limited, specific period of time. Inactive is most commonly applied to profile accounts which require its controller to complete additional steps in membership registration or perform outstanding actions such as submitting evidence in relation to Dispute investigations, identity confirmation, payment methods, processing confirmations or the like

Inactive accounts may appear in Biosphere's global map, search results or listings yet communication between an inactive account with other non-restricted or activated Biosphere members may not be possible


ip sales contract

Documentation type available to certain members

Intellectual Property Sale contracts templates are provided to facilitate independent, autonomous and self-defined legal binding to sales, assignments or transfer of copyrights in accordance with registered terms and conditions as set between such parties in contract



Where participants have reached an impasse, not able to reasonably proceed without third party intervention

Irresolvable or non-resolvable applies most commonly to registered participant’s communications and exchanges wherein the quality of such has to all effects, after concerted effort to autonomously rectify, has become unproductive or unsustainable

Irresolvable or non-resolvable is only applicable to collaborative participant’s self-reported status as pertains to active registered contracts



Extent of amounts owed in calculation of charges or fees

Limits relate to TOF® purchases, orders and registered contract. Limits for functions processed by TOF® are set in registered collaborative engagement and exchange documentation. Purchasing Member's are comprehensively responsible to settle owed amounts as quantified therein

For example, a registered contract valued at $100 USD can stipulate an 80% cancellation charge. If Purchasing Member, acting as a registered collaborative participant, subsequently fails to attend then TOF® holds authorization to execute settlement billing of $80 USD in verified cases of such material breach or failure of registered contract's completion

Collaboration settlement and limits executed may never exceed total documented value of registered contract. Such collaboration settlement limits are also separate from all other TOF® service related transaction costs, fees, charges or the like



Geographically specific area, as identifiable on a map

Location can be specified using a global positioning system [GPS], or otherwise marked using positioning indications such as longitude and latitude. Locations can include any where people are able to physically meet or conduct activity

The condition, state, acceptability, safety and particulars of any location are not verified nor endorsed by TOF®. All locations specified in Biosphere, registered contract or pertaining to collaborative exchanges or engagements of any kind are independently set by members

At all times TOF® understands that participant's are proceeding with collaborative activity, engagements, exchanges or similar actions as conducted in lawful, jointly acceptable and safe locations



Digital representation of a private individual whom is assigned a unique Biosphere profile account which is then used to engage TOF® services

Member activities can be thought of as occurring, transpiring or taking place within a supra-national digital sphere not solely associated with any one country, legal jurisdiction or set of requirements outside of Terms currently or as may be specified

Members are personally responsible for adherence to Terms as well as to those of entered registered contract, which such person has independently chosen to engage in or otherwise consummate



Intentional or mistaken distortion of one or more facts

Misrepresent may pertain to collaboration terms, conditions, requirements of completion, situations, personal capabilities or any such comparable hindrance to performance or delivery of services and the like. Definitions of misrepresented may include, but are not limited to, situations wherein:

i) a genuine, new item was set for purchase yet a fake, used or copy of such item was received by the purchaser;

ii) photographs or descriptions of an item or location are evidenced to objectively and significantly differ when viewed in person;

iii) services or procedures are objectively evidenced as not completed in the manner, to the quality or standards as agreed;

iv) proposed courses of action cannot be reasonably considered as a viable alternate for substitute of registered collaborative engagement or exchange agreement and the like



Member category for a person who’s look, figure or appearance itself can constitute a service

Documentation of such look, figure or appearance itself can constitutes a service with such likewise held as a valuable deliverable. Recordings or photographs of a Model may be thought of as a form of intellectual property

For example, a Model may be commissioned to be photographed with resulting photos then selected and used to, potentially, enhance or add value to marketing or promotional materials through display or inclusion of photographs depicting Model in said publication

Model's appearance in say photographs or participation at an event can be a billable service. Models are typically defined as collaborative participants commissioned to make appearances, performances, pose for or engage in photographic or video recordings and the like



Evidenced as not present on or by the appointed time

By way of example non-arrival may apply, but is not limited to, scenarios where:

i) participant in registered contract ordered an item of clothing and following the scheduled time of delivery such item has not been received by its purchaser;

ii) a meeting between participants in registered contract was set yet one participant arrives at the specified time and place only to find the confirmed location vacant, and so on


open collaborations

Pin containing data of any collaboration concept or idea

Open collaboration pins are posting types which are freely made available for members independent definition, creation, discovery, discussion and selection

For example, an Artist member can describe their ideal future project, place such description with supporting photos in a pin and both become displayed for a set time in a location on Biosphere's global map

This 'open collaboration' pin allows other members review of such data, of the posting Artist's concept. Interested potential collaborative participants may then verify sufficiently available finances to proceed and discuss such posted details directly with the pin's creator

Conversely, in an 'open collaboration' pin a member could describe a style or kind of artwork which they are actively seeking so that an appropriate Artist, with the capacity to fulfill such a request, could contact said posting member for the purpose of defining a future collaboration which ultimately becomes finalized in registered contract. Any such pins are created at the posting member's sole discretion, judgement and responsibility



Processing of services on behalf of the requesting member

Orders necessarily imply and inherently contain owed amounts as deducted by TOF®. 'Ordered' is where such a request for TOF® services or functions have been received or entered for processing by TOF® yet may require additional time for registration or similar confirmations to be fully completed. Orders are processed in full by TOF® at our reasonably and timely convenience



Participant's remuneration agreement as in registered contract

Payments can be the cost due for a completed collaboration as independently recorded and exchanged between participants whom are engaged in registered contract. Payments directly relate to the documented costs of registered collaborative activity, independently managed by collaborative participants

Payments may be recorded or indicated in Biosphere as specific numerical figures, most frequently in United States Dollars [USD] equivalents. Payments are ultimately processed using any chosen currency or medium of financial exchange as are enacted by and between collaborative participants


payment method

Sources of TOF® authorized funding

Most frequently an activated member's Biosphere payment method is a credit card such as that issued by Visa, American Express or MasterCard. An activated member's payment method can include accounts with various merchants such as PayPal or the like



Destinations into which finances are able to be sent for receipt

For example, an activated member may own and operate digital blockchain-based currency wallets, if this is set as a payout channel then this member can receive blockchain-based currencies into such wallet



a) show, display, presentation, recital, exhibition or the like that may be in front of an audience; or

b) actions towards fulfillment of registered contract

TOF® differentiates "Collaboration Contracts" from "IP Sales Contracts" as recordings or documentation of [a] performances may result in content which, measured as a discretely identifiable deliverable, remains subject to copyright protections

For example, an artist may conduct a performance on stage at their scheduled event. This artist is able to specify their stage performance as a single collaborative engagement, under one registered contract

During this time the artist’s physical stage performance and completion of registered contract itself is digitally recorded, videoed and photographed. Following artist's performance, these recordings of performance are able to be classified as copyrighted content belonging to artist him or herself

In such case, the artist is able to either include copyrights to their performance recordings within initially registered contract or sell the performance recording's separately. Divisions of performances as billable actions can separate sales of copyright. This extends to "Art/Work" or "Body/Art" or "Work" or "Content"

Examples of this differentiation as relate to other member categories include, but are not limited to;

i) Tattoo Artists may bill once for designing a tattoo composition and then again for design's application on skin and then again for sale for commercial use and design's copyright; or

ii) Models may bill for attending an engagement and then again for copyrights to commercially use recordings of such attendance; or

iii) Body Modification Artists may bill once for completion of a session, a service, and then again for copyrights to commercially use recordings of this session, and so on


personally identifiable information

Data identifying a person’s non-digital details

Personally identifiable information could, for example, include identification documents like passports or drivers licenses, financial information such as bank accounts or credit cards, delivery addresses, phone numbers, personal email addresses and the like


processing fee

Charge billed one-time to the Purchasing Member

Owed amounts are listed on any order documentation, requiring Purchasing Member's approval prior to enactment. Processing fees for purchase of TOF® services can be deducted at times of registered contract adjustment, closure, expiration, settlement, cancellation, completion or the like



Digital representation of a member, as visible in Biosphere

Profiles are between one person and recorded with TOF®, these permit Biosphere utilization and purchase of TOF® services. Unique identifications and signature keys are recorded outside of the Biosphere

Profiles are created and controlled by one private individual. Biosphere content, as displayed or chosen for upload, is at the controller's sole discretion and itself may or may not reflect their actual, off-line identity



Biosphere member category, those selling equipment or services

For example, a Provider to Performance Artists could be a vendor or reseller of performance related gear with an inventory of mats, straps, rigging and various tools or equipment


proprietary information

Data conveyed in any format which constitutes private, confidential or privileged info not intended for public or uncontrolled dissemination

Private or proprietary information may be referred to as member's personal details, confidential or privileged data. Public or uncontrolled dissemination can include restrictions against broadcasting or release of such

For example, an Artist is commissioned to create a composition for use in an upcoming exhibition. The particulars of this exhibition [its date, sponsors and location], are privately known. Participants are expected not to share such details with any unauthorized third party


purchasing member

One who buys TOF® services via Biosphere

A Purchasing Member is always one person, he or she is also recognizable or identifiable as being an activated Biosphere member [activated meaning having firstly undergone verification of official, and typically centrally issued such as government, form of identification]

The Purchasing Member relationship is directly between a single, activated Biosphere member with TOF®. Via TOF®, the Purchasing Member is expected to settle amounts owed at the time of order

Registered collaborative participants are responsible for transfer costs relating to transactions or movements of funds, as the Purchasing Member may order. This responsibility extends to all cases, whether such funds are to be received into the Purchasing Member’s registered Biosphere account, via TOF® or sent to an other third party service provider or merchant accounts


real world

Differentiates member's physical actions, off-line conduct

The terms real world or tangible reference physical actions or conduct and, as such, these are outside of TOF®'s purview. Irrefutably and by any definition, independent real world actions may not involve TOF® services

For examples, real world actions enacted by a participant can include their physical printing; storing; private filing; non-digital reference to or actual execution of responsibilities detailed within registered contract including their disclosures or references of such to third parties or the like. All such actions fall outside TOF®'s view, responsibility and control


real-world smart contract®

TOF®’s bespoke security + utility tokens

The RWSC® is used in processing TOF®’s digital, internally developed systems and are executed across distributed ledger technologies

RWSC® use and processes permit anonymously coded, blockchain enforced transmissions and timed smart-contract functions relating to registered collaborative engagement and exchange contractual documentation thereby enhancing security, exchange or conversion possibilities as through TOF® for registered participants

The RWSC® process may further be utilized independently and adjusted by members. Control ownership of an RWSC® can become transferable, flexibly valued and privately set

The RWSC® process represents a unique implementation of digital security tokens and currencies resulting in, through TOF®, customized and internationally flexible anonymized conversion achievement


receiving member

Participant expecting to or has received their purchase or deliverable

In collaborative engagement or exchange the receiving member may be thought of as the commissioner, purchaser or buyer 

The teceiving member may, for example, be expecting to personally take receipt of goods, products or other similar physical items as delivered to an address or to personally undergo a treatment, service, process, procedure or the like which is to be performed by another registered participant



Official processing by TOF®

Being in registration describes the  time period when a document, transaction, order, invoice, receipt or the like is scheduled to undergo TOF® processing yet not all necessary steps or actions for such registration have been executed

The registration process is typically held to commence at the time of TOF® service purchase. Execution of associated digital security functions for collaborative engagement documentation, orders and transactions may be included with registration

For example, TOF® registration may include coded entry in blockchain, such as in The Other Blockchain® or other TOF® controlled DLT networks. Double confirmation may become a publicly recorded, time-stamped, immutable transaction in such ledger entries across distributed ledger technologies to thereby allow future, decentralized recall and implementation


registered contract

Written, binding agreement independently constructed in Biosphere between two or more autonomous participants who have officially purchased TOF® registration of such documentation for their future use

A registered contract, registered collaborative engagement or registered collaborative exchange documentation, reference completed and formalized, fully participant reviewed, legally and equitably binding, written sets of contractual documentation containing specifications therein for digital security function executions which are placed by TOF® under one unique title for specific processing completion on said participant's behalf

Registered documentation can undergo double-blind, dual accounting using anonymously coded, immutable entry in blockchains such as those in The Other Blockchain® [TheOtherFruit.io]

Registered documentation may also be anonymously publicly represented in RWSC®, with private ownership controls including temporary or lasting assignment in various distributed ledger technologies. The timings and details of digital security functions of registered contracts are safeguarded, substantiated through, enforced and executed by TOF®

Registered contracts may be afforded protections, including billing pre-authorizations as well as Tribunal dispute resolution possibilities in the event of participant initiated request for investigation and ruling on disagreements, or similar situations as have independently been deemed non-resolvable

TOF® facilitates purchase of collaborative engagement contractual hypermedia documentation templates as well as enacting various functional digital security protections of such

TOF® services are purchased by a single individual. TOF® may have no knowledge nor involvement with any action as pertains, in part or whole, to registered contracts outside of specific TOF® services both offered to and enacted by individual members in Biosphere



Participant modification of collaboration times

Time adjustments may include, but are not limited, to the re-setting of meeting times, a changing of delivery dates or similar alterations to registered contract deadlines as pertain to participant’s collaborative engagement or exchange  activity, roles, responsibilities or actions



TOF®'s processing of finances relating to payments owed

In registered contract which have been quantified by participants, activated settlement protections authorize TOF® to deduct and transfer owed payment amounts, contract values or service and sale totals

Following settlement ruling or initiation, owed payment amounts in any currency can be deducted or withdrawn and processed by TOF® for immediate transfer into set participant's payout channel

Settlement is most commonly applied to situations wherein a producing or providing participant has neither independently received payment nor any tangible form of remuneration from the owing participant, whom is typically classified as the purchaser or buyer. All outstanding payment amounts are calculated according to relevant registered contract

Settlement totals may include additional charges or costs incurred, as due to cancellation or similar penalty conditions which were set in registered contract. Tribunal rulings may only stipulate concurrent total amounts as per registered contract then owed as settlement. Settlement of registered contract, with additional charges or costs, remain independent to all third party services charges and TOF® processing fees



Member category for those selling items or products

For example, a Supplier for Tattoo Artists could include such vendors or resellers of tattooing equipment who list in their inventory tattooing inks, tattooing needles, tattoo furniture, protective materials for use during the tattoo application processes and others for sale in Biosphere


selling member

Participant responsible for delivery of an item, service or product

Such delivery and accepted receipt can be set as a condition for completion and be in relation to either physical items or services performed such as treatments, procedures or the like

Purchasing Member may not be liable for payment until such time of finalizing, closing, cancellation or completion. Collaborative participants are responsible for any transfer or transaction costs as ordered, be they through either TOF® services or whether funds are sent out of Biosphere


sending member

Participant in control of a set good, product or other tangible item whom is responsible for delivery of this to a secondary location 

A condition in registered contract can be the requirement for a sending member to utilize third party transportation or service providers such as the Postal Service, UPS, FedEx or DHL. The sending member's assume full liability and responsibility for the quality, authenticity and successful receipt

Sending members are also liable for any loss including replacements, rejection or non-acceptance by the receiving participant in registered contract, as well as for situations or circumstances resulting in non-delivery



Time set for collaboration's completion or achievement

Sessions most often pertain to participant's scheduling or similar conducting of treatments, procedures, offerings and fulfillment of privately performed actions as either wholly or partially allow completion of registered contract

For example, a tattoo session may start at 1pm and go until 6pm. The working time is measured as these five hours, i.e. 1pm to 6pm, totaling five [5] session hours. Set pricing of collaborations may be measured using this per-hour metric. Session times may then be semantically synonymous with per-session-hour



Any communication deemed unnecessarily frequent, inappropriate, unhelpful, impracticable, false or bothersome

Spam classification may also apply to what's been posted or shared for the purpose of promoting sales yet may in actuality offer no tangible, genuine, immediate benefit or measure of reasonable value to Biosphere members

Spam classification can pertain to private and publicly broadcasted member communications, exchanges or interactions either with TOF® or as between members. Spam is defined at TOF®’s sole discretion and handled in the manners deemed proportionately appropriate



The intentional application of pigmentation, using specialist inks, applied below the top layer of human skin tissue and completed using a fine tipped puncturing tool most frequently held in specialized machines or ‘tattoo guns’ so as to form the intended markings or resulting patterns which then become permanently retained by or within the receiver's dermis



Stipulations that structure and define binding contract

Terms as pertain to members include the responsibilities, requirements and role specifications of use as during utilization of the Biosphere as well as for engagement or order of TOF® services

For example, contained in this User Agreement is an understanding of privacy. Confidentiality of proprietary information is a Term enforced by TOF® and it partially dictates specific communication or content restrictions before making such publicly known, it applies throughout member's online and offline actions

Meaning collaborative participants data, which has been set as proprietary during registered contract, must not be disclosed. Such private information is protected and cannot be shared with any un-authorized party

In registered contract the terms as initiated by and between participants can include their agreement to established cancellation policies, service descriptions, timings, locations or the like, as detailed therein


tip function

Increase of recorded payment, a form of gratuity 

The tip function is independently executed

Likewise payment transfers are conducted independently between participants in registered contract, irrespective of possible accounting facilitation on the Biosphere or via TOF® services


third party

Sovereign, external entity not reasonably considered in one’s control

i) external service providers and Tribunal; or

ii) completely unknown person or group

For examples of the first definition, service providers such as Google Maps are responsible for providing and controlling their services as may be implemented in the Biosphere say as through an API. This service is consequently a third party to both members and to TOF®

Ad-hoc, the Tribunal department may be requested to act as a third party in relation to registered contract Dispute rulings, as requested by participants. Tribunal's rulings are influenced yet not controlled by participants. The Tribunal is thus a third party for Dispute rulings as it does not constitute a party of or participant in registered contract

If members have their login information become known by an [unauthorized] third party [second sense and use of the third party term], they would be required to immediately report such breach to TOF®



TOF® services relating to financial activities

Transactions can be in relation to any TOF® service or related activity as has been defined and requested by the Purchasing Member, through Biosphere. Transactions may not directly pertain to:

i) that arising out of registered contract consummation;

ii) private data specified as such and constituting completion;

iii) the specifics, descriptions or delivery of physical items;

iv) privately held exchange such as wallet use or direct payments;

v) independent, off Biosphere activities and the like



Investigation and resolution department

TOF® maintains the Tribunal. For those in registered contract this department can be requested to act as an independent, third party so as to issue resolution rulings

The Tribunal is separate from the Biosphere. It endeavors to reach decisions by only using factual evidence that participants in registered contract submit

In the event participants themselves are unable to independently reach or proceed with a productive understanding during collaboration, then the Tribunal may be involved so as to enact resolution rulings based on:

i) terms and conditions contained within registered collaborative engagement contractual documentation including associated data; and

ii) reported events, actions and conduct only as may be objectively evidenced and have become known to the Tribunal following registered participant's submission of such;



No communication for five days [120 hours] or longer

TOF® endeavors to communicate with members via all registered, available channels. When applied, the unavailable classification may have numerous repercussions in relation to collaborative engagement or exchange activity and registered contracts, particularly in consideration of adherence with formally entered timelines, delivery deadlines and other such set contractual responsibilities or requirements

To the fullest extents permissible by law TOF® accepts no liability for any actual, claimed or perceived loss as could result from a member's unavailable classification

Should any issue with a communication channel arise, member's are always invited to contact TOF® directly through [email protected] or [email protected]



Evidenced as genuine

To have data classified as verified indicates that to the best of all currently available knowledge such is factually accurate or in other words, true

After verified, insofar as securing full approval for such specification, TOF® can apply this title to any registered activity, purchase, order, review, documentation or the like

Following TOF® processing, verified can be applied to modifications of registered contracts. Verified can pertain to authenticated evidence as submitted to the Tribunal by participants during disagreement resolution, and so on



i) member category; or

ii) ‘brick and mortar’ physical location, rooms or similar specifically identifiable and geographically contained environments to which access may be provided by one person to another and wherein authorized people may conduct activities as they have independently defined

Venue as used on Biosphere may indicate visible member profiles types and similarly reference a physical location set in registered contract

For example venue locations can be thought to encompass traditional tattoo studios right across to hotel rooms, stages, halls, theaters, private residences and so on

Venue profile controllers providing or arranging use of locations are understood to have full legal, on-site authority in both granting access to as well as authorizing the transpiring, proceeding, enacting or execution of all activities as conducted therein

It remains participant's responsibility to confirm any Venue operator's on-site authority does actually permit their facilitation of set services, performances, treatments, undertakings or the like as transpire in said premises



Storage method for blockchain-based currencies, a [crypto] wallet

The use, balance or control of wallets including types of currencies as may or may not be present therein are independently controlled by owners

Wallet transfers, when processed, may have associated transaction or transfer and miner-fees that are due to their execution in distributed ledger technology networks. These costs are typically payable in the associated blockchain-based currency itself

A ‘satoshi’ is the smallest possible Bitcoin able to be transferred, measuring 0.00000001 BTC. Other blockchain-based currencies have varied limitations

Due to encryption and address anonymity TOF® may have no insight or control of a wallet's balances and use within or outside of Biosphere, even where use may pertain to TOF® services



Actions toward fulfillment of collaborative engagement or exchange

For example, a Tattoo Artist’s work may encompass such activities as discussing design requirements, drawing or creating such design's layout, finalizing session details with the purchaser, preparing a working space and materials necessary for the tattoo's application as well as conducting the application of the tattoo itself

In such example, the Tattoo Artist’s private activities like replying to personal messages, meal breaks and transportation times to working locations alongside similar conduct which may have no direct effect on the collaborative engagement or exchange completion requirements as defined in contract may not be considered "work"

The tangible consequences of any work, including conduct which participants may wish to execute, perform or enact are thought of as being completed entirely off Biosphere


working area

Pre-determined space necessary for set activity

Working areas may be any defined space within physical locations such as a room, hall, studio, gallery, theater, street corner or the like. It is where registered participants conduct set collaborative activities

For example, an Artist attends an event. During which their place of work within said location becomes their working area. Attendees, viewers or guests should not step or otherwise come too close to this working area because doing so would prohibit said Artist from proceeding in the manner required

As another example, a Tattoo Artist’s working area could include space within studios, theaters or a private residence. It is necessary to restrict third party access to this working area throughout tattoo application so as to not in anyway adversely affect the concentration of or otherwise impede the interactions between the Tattoo Artist and tattoo receiver

For participants to be able to successfully and safely complete set activities, it is understood that access to working areas may need to be restricted for any unauthorized persons