copyright ownership

Owners control their copyrights - to their data, artwork, designs, recordings, multimedia and so on

Biosphere engagements can separate a collaboration from intellectual property rights. By default, artists and content producers hold IP rights until they may wish to sell these

A collaboration can firstly be for a sale or service. IP rights may be sold separately. Therefore, collaborative engagements can result in multiple incomes for content owners and producers


Copyright Ownership On The Biosphere - Encrypted Blockchain Networks - Tracked Provenance


The Other Blockchain® records privately held, personally encrypted and publicly anonymized copyright ownership registrations

Copyright ownership and encrypted blockchain verification is implemented by the owner him or herself. The dedicated results page has a unique web address. Please click here to view an example. On request, TOF® can also provide certificates

Immutable IP Right registrations create documentary proof of claim. Equally under contract, owners can share their personal encryption or IPFS keys to enable download of their secured, decentralized content