copyright ownership

Members have contractual abilities to separate their physical work [collaboration] from copyright ownership rights [intellectual property]

Collectively all rights, titles, interests in and ownership of copyright including intellectual property assignment are known singularly as "IP rights"

Biosphere artists and creators control their IP rights. This pertains to their registered art/works, designs, sketches, recordings, multimedia and so on. Artists and creators are classified as owners of such until they may wish to sell or assign their IP rights to another

The transfer and assignment of IP rights can also be limited to specific areas for use within set time frames. For example, IP rights for "X" are limited to North America for one year. This not only permits dual income streams from say one physical artwork but potentially numerously more if the content is in-demand and sold for varying time periods across different regions

Every registered creative collaborative engagement or exchange may potentially encompass multiple income streams. Artists and creators can have one engagement for delivery or completion of a service. Then the IP rights to this performance, artwork, recording or the like could be included with the first collaboration or sold separately

On Biosphere intellectual property may be defined, created, transferred, sold independently or attached to collaborative engagements. The Other Blockchain® immutably records anonymized, privately held ownership registrations. Please click here to view an example with a thumbnail photo of the copyrighted material now on blockchain included on its own dedicated results page. Registered content generates its own unique blockchain results page


TOF® also provides detailed certification of such upon request. Copyright ownership and blockchain proofs are owned and retrievable by the creator him or herself

Once processed this anonymized, immutable copyright and intellectual property registration creates legal, documentary proof of claim to IP rights. Equally, under contract the owner may provide the buyer with their unique IPFS hashtag granting transfer and assignment as contractually stipulated