perfectly aligned with decentralized implementation

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As to joint individual or first ecosystem collaborative action, under self-defined contexts then collectively imposed or influenced choice may prove inferior on every metric when compared to creative, autonomously demarcated conduct [126]

The true potential of distributed ledger technology lays in decentralized codes of conduct [micro-creations] wherein enforcement is primarily administered by its self-organizing participants


TOF® holds direct collaboration as perfectly aligned with decentralized implementation. Through Biosphere, a collaborative engagement and exchange between members constitutes a proof of work, through an achieved consensus of action [contract execution], which may then be subsequently anonymized for secure public accounting using distributed ledger technologies [The Other Blockchain®]

There exists a formal dichotomy in legal and economic interpretations represented through ex-ante and ex-post branches. Ex-ante or before the event considers the capital requirements, investment regulations, bearers of cost within transactions or what may be summarized as the ‘enforceable information’. Ex-ante rulings can be thought of as leading to decisive, rule based adjudication [127]

Conversely ex-post deals with the results of a given exchange. Certainly some here may be open for consideration, reflection and or leading to arbitration. Thinking of ex-ante as the set objective contractual facts and ex-post as the subjective interpretation, this dichotomy conceptualizes portions of Biosphere’s structure

Namely in ‘private law’ [RWSC®] TOF® has developed a system whereby any engagement's (ex-post) exchange-value is only set as jointly determined by participants yet concurrently enforced through smart (ex-ante) digitally certified decentralized exchange [128]

Rather than conflicting directions of interpretation, we hold these as forming two sides of the same [RWSC®] coin. One is the public, rule based set of enforceable information

The other side is the direct, person-to-person subjective evaluation that truly enables private collaboration. To hold these as mutually exclusive is to continue the erroneous conflation in the current use of the term ‘smart contract’ whereby

subjective elements of exchange are neither omitted from consideration nor attempted to be defined using binary classifications


In so far as individually augmented communicational authority permit previously restricted or indeed enabled unknown direct collaboration potential, Biosphere facilitation may in some ways be thought of as the realized effect continuance once gained following popularization of decentralized mobile phone telecommunication technology [129]

Today technology imparts a previously unrecognizable level of achievable, individual agency. Where the mobile phone allowed communication, Biosphere digitally secures contract execution with anonymized distributed ledger technologies permitting participant-only proof data and transaction authenticity recall implementation

As the mobile phone's unique number acts as a form of held identification, conversely implementation of now privately held contractual documentation permits ad-hoc utilization of centralized structures and institutions absent persistent or inherent initial oversight

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