Think of a public ledger [list] that's always online and available for review. Only authorized entries make it on this list. No one can alter data following its entry

Now imagine multiple people around the world being responsible for keeping this ever growing list up and online. Sharing responsibility and holding copies, these many individuals thereby make it practically impossible to remove data. There is no centralized source to delete. For TOF®'s purposes, that's kind of the blockchain concept

Most easily blockchains can be thought of as records created free from central control. Meaning it's possible to have transactions and accounting assured outside of any one government or corporation


Blockchains offer incredible improvements in digital transactions and recording. Without anonymity this tech is limited

The Other Blockchain® makes anonymous registrations. Immutable entries in this distributed ledger become useful for private [personal] recall. Concurrently, platforms create real world collaborative engagements as pertaining to non-digital activities

Combining the security of blockchain with achieved anonymity, Biosphere members have both centralized protections and private decentralized security in the palms of their hand

TOF® platforms + blockchain can be added to any existing booking methods that Artists, Creators, Tattoo Artists, Body Modification Artists, Performance Artists, Models, Venues, Suppliers and other member types currently use.TOF®'s commission free, process is executed on blockchain without compromising privacy