is a decentralized, self-organizing digital platform offering unique collaborative engagement services which are verified through our novel RWSC® methodology.

We permit your unencumbered creation and execution of legally binding collaborative engagements as you define. Members are verified and deal only with creators. Purchase of services alongside numerous associated protections are enforced. These are censorship free, internationally applicable as well as entirely in your control. We financially safeguard all activities to the benefit of both providers and recipients. There is no objective definition of perfect yet, there may be perfect for you. philosophically speaking the Biosphere offers an antidote to social media, popularity hierarchies and mainstream marketing. We are here for you to make decisions by yourself, for yourself. Biosphere search results are not tailored to ‘who else’ liked some set of entries. Reviews are not around arbitrary and uninformed judgements amalgamated from faceless netizens. Communication starts after you have accepted collaborative terms, following proof you can meet specified minimums. We do not allow nor implement advertising nor facilitate any kind of preferential treatment.

Welcome to the future of human-to-human service interaction.



Open Collaborations

Can be any service, project, concept or idea. You can post these anywhere in the world



Can be a provider or member, members may be further categorized as either private individuals or within a corporate subcategory. Corporate members are single individuals that represent or act on behalf of a company, business or organization.


To collaborate is when you decide to work with someone. Collaboration is the term we give to set engagements. Collaborating means that you are choosing to work with a member so as to achieve a specific outcome, as mutually defined and confirmed.

We are purely a digital service introducing and securing the rights and interests of collaborators. We financially guarantee, blockchain secure and decentralize the self-defined engagements purchased.

with rwsc®

A patented double-blind process which enables decentralized ownership and real world collaborative payment exchange. Blockchain secured yet only personally identifiable, this may also be transferred by and between members with settlements executed privately.

Making Choïce Personal