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The Other Fruit is a members only, global collaboration utility. Clients settle independently. Artists receive full asking price. We take no commission. We do not share user data. There are no ads, recurring fees or social media. Our IPFS encrypted Other Blockchain is the first confidential art specific network of its kind. Through TOF you privately define your ideal sales or commissions directly with your perfect client or artist. Remove all middlemen. Confidentially own real world contracts eahanced by decentralized security + personal guarantees. Technology alone cannot determine interaction. We do together
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We take no commissions, there are no membership fees and we do not hold deposits. At no charge you privately screen and set your protected terms with your own clients. You can sell your IP rights of your work separately and be paid directly. We offer blockchain copyright registrations. The RWSC® allows your engagements immutably and confidentially accounted. Anonymized on blockchain and financially backed, privately you own your collaborations. Clients purchase all contract registrations. Location free, you only get paid directly to book and work as you wish
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