the rwsc®

Real-World Smart Contracts® are digital security, utility tokens [for lack of a better term]

Essentially - currency inverted. In private engagements, payments or exchanges during Biosphere registered contracts, the RWSC® is used by TOF® members as double-blind, confidential and immutable accounting

On member's behalf, TOF® anonymously reinforces traditional contractual agreements using blockchain and associated tech. For their practical private implementation, the encrypted RWSC® is member owned and controlled. In short, the Real-World Smart Contract® does exactly what the name says

'Real-World' references actual collaborations, as between two or more people. This is a legally binding, formalized agreement which is not only digitally enacted. The 'Smart Contract' portion is only digitally enacted, it references distributed ledger technologies and functions which securely automate and execute certain portions

--The RWSC - Private Blockchain And Security Token Use - Global Payments And Settlements

The RWSC® bolsters individually encrypted hypermedia with private valuations as well as associated timed movement or variations, executed in unique smart contracts in distributed ledgers

Publicly the ownership, valuation and actual controller(s) of any RWSC® are further kept anonymous. This being until such time that a controller him or herself wishes to disclose such information

More technically, the RWSC® is TOF®'s unique double-blind, crypto-corroborate security utility token which permits decentralized, anonymized tangible accounting of private collaborative engagement and exchange setting flexible private valuation as has been actually ascribed to apportioned percentages in ownership controls

Using any mutually agreed form of payment exchange, through TOF®, use of the RWSC® results in potential currency neutral private and direct conversion achievement

The RWSC® constitutes an inversion to the mainstream use of monies. It's an unparalleled private exchange methodology in a global, digitally recorded and participant backed coordination