Exchange necessitates actual participation. This is regardless of technological capacities. Any person's participation thereby necessarily transpires under eclectic forms of centralized control

Such institutions and bureaucracies of centralized control, like banks or governments, may not be thought of as now being superseded by technology alone

Implemented decentralized technologies must therefore be focused on practical, direct use. DLT must be structured towards newly enhancing participant’s choices and freedoms. Whilst keeping these realities in mind, we review some technical considerations

TOF® structures a systematized decentralization of trust to be executed by, between and for members


We do not sell or share member data. We do not support on-platform paid advertisements or marketing. We take no commission from member's collaborations. Biosphere, The Other Blockchain® and Real-World Smart Contracts® combine to permit member’s direct and autonomous control of collaborative engagement or exchange

Personally identifiable information is not stored on the Biosphere. To facilitate activity a private member key is attached to Biosphere profiles following activation.  Private keys communicate with TOF®'s secondary securely stored database. This secondary database only facilitates numerical accounting summaries. Here back-end innominate code assignment is completed. Member communications, conduct and transactions are concretely segmented

The secondary database further randomly collates accounted entries of pertinent transactions into groups forming collective and cumulative RWSC® valuations. The proof-of stake is privately held at all times and not reflected in transfer. Anonymity is doubly enforced with an RWSC® group’s coin transfer executed periodically having no specific timing logic or valuation requirements triggering its movement

Through our secondary [numerical only] database custom software integration automates The Other Blockchain®’s block creation and results page URL generation. Only these two additional data points update member accounts thereby permitting authorized participant’s private ability for data recall implementation. The Other Blockchain® has additionally been tailored for SSL, DDOS, IPFS, flexible thumbnail visuals and custom hyperlinks inclusion all with multiple anonymized block-explorers. The Other Blockchain® is actively hosted on multiple servers across America, Europe and Asia. Members may also apply to host the chain

The Other Fruit®’s global services create anonymized yet blockchain certified, binding collaborative engagement contracts carrying self-determined and executable financial guarantees. Refusing market worth designation and traditional categorizations, using bespoke decentralized structures we allot private, multiple confidential participant time-specific ownership controls. In digital and or fiat currency each anonymously secured exchange may be monetarily backed. Results are apportioned, independently flexible and lawfully executable conversion valuations as jointly derived from confirmed collaborative engagement or exchange


The Other Blockchain® creates confidential verification and accounting records


Data on The Other Blockchain® is generated using TOF®'s randomized numeric assignments as derived from member’s personal Biosphere keys, activity and registration’s secondary innominate coding. Privately blockchained data authenticates and reinforces binding sets of personally held documentation


The Other Blockchain - Utilizing Decentralized Ledger Technologies Privately Between Members


The Other Blockchain® offers permanent timestamp authentication and unique proof of selected yet publicly anonymized activity. The Other Blockchain® data remains completely meaningless except to specific and actual Biosphere participants

No personal information is shared or stored here by TOF®. This means that even when publicly viewed The Other Blockchain® offers a secured decentralized ledger containing authentications only useful for intended parties. Such data on The Other Blockchain® remains confidential unless owning Biosphere participants wish to disclose its connotation


The Other Blockchain® allows owner’s to hold immutable proof of multimedia copyright. It creates proof of intellectual property rights


Over 40 different file types can be registered on The Other Blockchain®. It's able to accommodate most all image, video, and music or text formats such as PDF’s. Artists and creators may protect their works, portfolios, designs or any content with each able to link directly to this permanent registration

Every piece of registered content has its own unique block. This unique block also has a permanent SSL enhanced web address, its own URL. For examples please click here, here or here

The Other Blockchain® result pages display a thumbnail image of registered multimedia content. The full file is IPFS encrypted. Owner's control download access through privately owned IPFS cryptographic hashtags

There is a small download arrow in the upper right hand corner of every results page. Clicking this prompts entry of the IPFS multihash thereby permitting full download. Access to registered files is secured, privately controlled and decentralized


The Other Blockchain - Private And End To End Encryption Of DLT For And By Members


Some think of The Other Blockchain® as a global patent or trademark office. It is one such global utility where owners of registered content may also download their multimedia or authorize others to do the same. For example, if a content owner sells their IP rights of a registered work, to transfer this they may simply privately convey their IPFS hashtag

For additional anonymity RWSC® ownership control and privately defined valuations are executed on varied networks. TOF® will be introducing additional features and functions over the coming months. We thank you all for your support and excitement. Together, we’re making choice personal TOF® Data | For Experimental Purposes Only