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A member only, personally end-to-end encrypted private global platform. The Biosphere permits secure and protected direct interaction. The Other Blockchain® is publicly anonymized. It secures all forms of protected engagement, locks in copyright tracking as well as multimedia ownership registrations. The RWSC® is unique and anonymized, a decentralized methodology for secure fiat as well as crypto settlement or exchange. Altogether, members operate location free. Each privately writes and enacts their own protected agreements and [+ smart] contracts


Binding, legally enforceable documents which set copyright ownership as well as the roles and outcome of any collaboration. TOF® structures member's privately owned, blockchain enacted and legally protected agreements with robustly secured terms of engagement, including payment

What do I hold?

Personally encrypted and blockchain secured contracts, registrations, copyrights, agreements and various protections for their chosen personal uses. Each structured and owned as members define. Members can also hold payment or settlement guarantees, as in the RWSC®

What’s protected?

You can choose to protect terms of collaboration and or total amounts. Protections can range from smaller payments, under say cancellation policies, across to full collaboration amounts

How do I use it?

All TOF® platform documentation is set in blockchain with encrypted edit tracking. TOF® set payment and transfer protections are also blockchain secured with anonymized double ledgers in external networks. All TOF® contracts, registrations, copyrights and agreements are personally encrypted and legally enforceable. Firstly protected through the TOF® platform each can also be useful in say court, if so chosen to be implemented


Quick Guide - The Other Fruit Biosphere - Real World Smart Contracts - Direct Private Collaborations


What if there are problems?

The Tribunal is the first point of contact for dispute resolution. If wished to escalate proceedings past this, involving outside or off-platform assistance can be done ad hoc. For small claims, here are some starting points of contact organized by country

How do payments work?

Members directly purchase TOF® services. These are also delivered directly. Members hold end-to-end, personal encryption. Meaning all collaborations, copyrights, agreements as well as registration details including inter-member communications are personally encrypted by and to the relevant members. Payments work independently between members or can result from the protection services as directly ordered from TOF®

If I’m a business, not a freelancer?

Many members operate their own businesses. Each have their own protections, agreement terms and bespoke contracts. All member types share the same TOF® protections and results

How do I manage ticketing?

Blockchain ticketing systems are linked with private collaborations and agreements. The TOF® blockchain ticketing system is QR code enhanced, full management portals are in the concierge section of member's profiles