filing a dispute

When a member needs help to resolve a collaboration they can request that the Tribunal conduct an investigation

Member's exchanges and communications are end-to-end encrypted. For the Tribunal to start investigation, filing a dispute means that a member decrypts their exchanges to privately share these

Disputes can only relate to active collaborations. The resulting Tribunal ruling relies on evidence that collaborating members submit. Responsibility for proof rests with those whom are in collaboration


TOF® creates privately encrypted, blockchain enhanced, real world contracts utilizing anonymous decentralized accounting, automatic engagement protections as well as various security functions. These technologies are here to safeguard privately owned, personally controlled collaborations and copyrights

As an impartial collective third party, the Tribunal is assembled to assist with disputes that may arise during collaboration. The Tribunal adjudicates, mediates or arbitrates as directly requested. Member's make such requests by filing a dispute