Technology does not mitigate physical or geographical constraints. Think here of governments, utility service providers and various localized legislation. Particularly when measured using one's immediate physical surroundings, use of distributed ledger technologies or ownership of purely peer-to-peer cash does not necessarily permit fundamental changes in tangible achievement

Due to inherent inter-party, cryptography enforced and multi-node verification thus bypassing some earlier forms of more laborious manual authentication, blockchain services such as Bitcoin were presented as eliminating costs in “mediating disputes [LP5] This can be true

Yet irrespective of what may be bought, sold or exchanged both the sender and receiver of cryptocurrency inevitably physically occupy their respective locations. Unlike some complexities of dispute mediation the transmission, movement and value of electronic cash in everyday implementation does not concurrently eliminate participant's immediate physical constraints

For example, use of cryptocurrency still requires there be a buyer and seller. Although your package may now be tracked on distributed ledgers, it is still a physical delivery from one location to another. When the package arrives ownership and use of content contained remains subject to, authorized by, restricted or prohibited according to regional legalities

This means that collaborative exchange as well as various currency conversions presently necessitate eclectic forms of centralized control and or centralized institutions. Centralized controls may not be thought of as being superseded within the foreseeable future regardless of technological capacity

Keeping these facts in mind, decentralized technologies must now be anonymized and streamlined to enhance freedom of choice

Flowers Only - Floral ArrangementsBiosphere, The Other Blockchain® and Real-World Smart Contract® methodologies equate to TOF® member’s direct, sovereign and autonomous control of collaboration. TOF® does not sell or share member data. We do not support on-platform paid advertisements or marketing. We take no commission from member's contracts. TOF® instead creates a systematized confidential decentralization of trust

TOF®’s global digital security services create anonymized blockchain certified, legally binding collaborative engagement contracts bearing self-determined financial guarantees. To put it another way, TOF® members create their own and then own their real world contracts which carry immutable, decentralized accounting and conversion possibilities. Collaboration and exchange remains privately held by collaboration's actual participants


From social media to shopping sites and search engines, choices appear completely determined by algorithms that drive engagement for sales

We propose the other way. Privately member's directly control their terms, conditions and profits



The diagrammed simplification below represents registration of on-Biosphere collaborative engagement or exchange documentation as privately determined between activated members. The data life-cycle extends when reviewing copyright registrations and RWSC® processes


Engaging - The Other Fruit Biosphere - Process And Flow - Making Choice Personal

Activated member profiles are assigned private keys. As the first point of engagement, Biosphere uses numerical only extracts from select activity to then securely communicate with TOF®’s secondary databases. These secondary databases, after assigning innominate codes, trigger block creation. Such innominate codes assigned are represented above as [m=z1...] and [n^5-...]

Creation of innominate codes and blocks subsequently permits return of decentralized and openly accessible references using immutable blockchain transaction identifications. Each being individually placed in The Other Blockchain®

A bespoke distributed ledger network, The Other Blockchain®'s result pages are SSL and DDOS protected. Individual members may apply to be a host of The Other Blockchain®

Each privately identifiable Biosphere-borne anonymized blockchain entry generates a unique blockchain results page, permanently referenced with its own dedicated URL remaining accessible via TheOtherFruit.io. Please click to view an example


Distributed ledger assurances offer further changeless documentation of privately held, double-signed and legally binding contractually established engagement or exchange. This forms part of TOF®'s digital security offerings

Blockchained data remains anonymized. It becomes verifiable or disclosable during recall by applicable participants alone. Except to the relevant parties this process forms a segmented compartmentalization twice removing personal identification from open referencing during collaborative engagement or exchange

At no detriment to or loss of member's practical anonymity The Other Blockchain® sets publicly available, immutable and time specific data to substantiate particular activity

Biosphere accounts can be deleted at no loss to veracity of blockchained records, openly they appear as separate. Participant’s self-disclosure, linking two privately held key sets, is what can associate blockchain data with real world collaboration

Entries are generated using randomized reference and timing logic. No source, destination nor sequence of processes openly replicates member actions with coded blockchain entries. TOF® preserves anonymity


Engaging - Private Direct Collaboration Network With End To End Encryption And Blockchain Provenance


As possibly openly accessible, ascribing innominate and randomized codes to distributed ledger transactions as well as to RWSC® groups preclude unauthorized identification of individual members

This implementation of distributed ledger technologies has the additional enacted benefit of being GDPR compliant. Please write to TOF®'s Data Protection Agent [[email protected]] should you have any questions TOF® Data | For Experimental Purposes Only

Next we start exploring practical and back-end functions of the RWSC®. Specifically, looking at how this security token privately accounts for unknown, variable participant conduct including achieving flexible international conversion or exchange