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Permanent, individually owned, visually enhanced blockchain entry with URL result page creation including IPFS decentralized download encryption is all done for a one time, nominal processing charge paid by the purchasing member

Following successful registration the purchaser retains sales receipts bearing dual transaction-data, as comparable with RWSC® ownership controls

Upon request TOF® may issue digital certification indicating ownership with blockchain verification of intellectual property recordings can be used in privately chosen implementation and or claim execution, by the owning member

Various content database analysis metrics and notifications are planned for phase two integration. With the RWSC® and blockchain recording, currently TOF® purely defines and secures a creator’s ownership claims. This securing is absent any promises of advanced artificial intelligence software, TOF® does not peddle theoretically achieved compensation solutions using advanced analytical methodologies. Reasons for simplification of initial functionality are as follow;

Many companies presently coming to market seem to offer a range of media-content copyright ‘solutions’ [130] These typically require owners to upload media-content, [M], for entry into privately owned databases or entries filed potentially leading to [M]’s subsequently identified digital usage, access or appearances being ‘tracked’ [131]

Where a third party uses [M], these ‘solutions’ appear to imply that the creator will be entitled to and indeed receive financial remuneration from concrete pursuance of tracked violations. Upon preliminary reflection these and similar proposed tracking solutions completely deteriorate

On an interconnected, global network the centralized control of all digital content dissemination would in turn necessitate its centralized access and use. Whether this hypothetical, dystopian homogenization of technological capabilities may in fact eventually transpire does not validate the erroneous presumption that such media-content oversight is today currently achievable [146]

Creators should hold tangible and immediate intellectual property ownership rights to their content. It remains creator’s sole prerogative for said content’s usage, sale and or dissemination. To fracture or exchange these rights, in part or whole, through corporate control may be viewed as a positioning of third party gain over ethical conduct. The Biosphere engages with creators so as to provision their existing authority

This is an age of burgeoning global digitization alongside unparalleled technological advancement [147] However DLT’s potential impact cannot be argued to now be achieved

The first step in this process constitutes ensuring personally verifiable time-locked, irrefutable proof of data-content ownership being claimed and held by creators


This is what and all that Biosphere presently offers. For a nominal processing charge TOF® hands such immutable ownership claim registrations to creators without any future promises or claims of their use

Copyright ownership registrations, bearing publicly verifiable and time-locked, ownership filing proof through The Other Blockchain®, may then internationally be used in any manner or capacity its owner so chooses

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